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Lessons In Effective Email Marketing – Presidential Elections 2016

‘Emails’ – was included in a recent article, “5 words that explain 2016.” This probably isn’t surprising. If you have been following the presidential elections, you might agree with how Bernie Sanders aptly surmised, “The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails.” Let’s talk about the effect of emails on …

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5 Secrets to writting Effective Email Subject Lines

Think back to the last time you engaged in email marketing. We are pretty sure that a lot of research went into the content of the email. The communication – visual and text, the flow of information, the call to action – we are pretty sure you and your team mates wanted to get it …

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Produce Solid ROI through your Pay Per Click Campaign

From Social Media Marketing to Search Engine Optimization, from Email Marketing to Content Optimization, you can drive traffic to your website through many ways. But these methods can be more time consuming and take longer to produce results. By using methods like Pay Per Click Advertising businesses can attract more and quick traffic to websites. …

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