Six Content Marketing Trends You Need to Embrace in 2019

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Do you know the most speedily growing areas in the market? It is Content marketing. Staying up to date plays a very important role in competing in this strong market.
Working on the content marketing team of a company means that you have to work very hard. You need to be updated about every scenario of content marketing and work according to that. To help you in a better way, here are six content marketing trends you need to embrace in 2019:

1. Long-Form Content
Do you know from 2019, the lengthier posts will be rewarded higher ranking? Yes, you read it right. SEO has decided to provide the readers with trustworthy sources. Content will have to be more than 2,000 words to stay in the race. A recent study has proved that long-form content got more shares on social media as compared to short-form content. Thus, it is safe to say that longer content is better.
The longer content is full of information and has written with proper research. Most importantly, it will also help the writer to gain knowledge about the subject. While short-form content is easier to create, long-form content is a contribution of time, words, and knowledge.

2. Webinars, Webcasts, and Live Video
In 2017, it has been seen that most of the people buy a product after watching its brand’s video on social media. And by 2021, the video will become an important reason for attracting global traffic. Even research has also proved that the marketers who use video are able to increase their sales at a much faster pace.
Here are some things that one should keep in mind while creating a video according to 2019 marketing plans:
• Maintain uniqueness.
• Be mobile-friendly.
• Stick to your regular uploading schedule.
You can achieve a huge growth in 2019 with videos, so find out the best way to optimize your videos for business.

3. Voice Search
Smart speakers have gained enormous popularity since 2017 and it is expected to grow more in 2019. It has become a necessity for most of the people as it can do many essential works in just a few seconds. These speakers have brought a dramatic change to people’s life.
So what it has to do with the 2019 content marketing plan? You must be thinking the same. But yes, it will be very useful as you will be able to see more online publications with the help of audio and understand the market demands. It will become a new platform for advertising. When it comes to market plan then it is very important to follow SEO strategies to respond to your voice search market.

4. Chatbots
We have seen that many businesses are using chatbots for connecting to their customers. It is the best way to grow your business by reducing the operating costs. It has become a more adaptive method by the customers as it has improved the learning technology and artificial intelligence.
A good chatbot can answer their customer’s questions in their native language. It maintains a standard level of the company’s service in a friendly way. Most importantly, it provides a 24/7 client service. In 2019, it can be a cost-effective marketing tool for a company.

5. Social Media
Any marketing plan is incomplete without Social media. If you want to start operating social media then go for Facebook as it can be the best platform for any type of marketing. You can also go for Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, according to your plan. Out of all, Instagram has shown consistent growth in 2018. It is expected that Instagram with other social media will become a great marketing platform in 2019.
Whenever you are seeking a social media platform, always keep your audience in mind. It will help you to find the most suitable platform.

6. Authenticity
Lastly, the most important thing is knowing your business. It is the best way to gain the trust of your customers. Even the customers evaluate a business authenticity before trusting it. So, it is very important to have interaction with your customers with the help of your brand.
A brand should be unique, clean, and competitive. The trace of honesty and authenticity will attract the customers and clients with whom you will be able to make your business successful.
To conclude, Content Marketing is not just about writing a good post, it is about taking the collective approach to attract customers and clients. To achieve success in this upcoming year, do follow these trends.


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