Ninjas these days don’t carry nunchakus, they carry these apps in their pockets

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Have you just stepped into the online-verse? Here’s the first thing that you must remember. Your online presence is no less than a living-breathing organism. It’s a 24*7 engagement. It needs your careful attention at all times of the day. But let’s not kid ourselves by believing that it’s humanly possible to be on our feet all the time. So what do we do then? Like every other problem faced by the human civilization, for this too, we run to technology.

We take our online presence seriously. But that doesn’t mean that we weren’t out on Christmas hunting down the best savouries in town, neither does it mean that we missed ringing the New Year in with our loved ones, and before you raise your eyebrows, no we aren’t even suggesting that we are newly evolved omnipresent beings.

We had one or more of these apps watching our backs while we indulged ourselves without a care in the world this festive season.

#1 Boomerang

Your inbox scares you, and your sentbox scares you even more? Get Boomerang to take control over your emails and see it work its way around like magic. Schedule mails on specific time or dates, set email reminders, get reminded if you haven’t got an important response and much more.

#2 Sprout Social

Publishing seamlessly across all social media platforms is a pain? With Sprout Social, you can draft, schedule, queue and post messages to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. The best part; you can now view scheduled content across the team.

#3 Hootsuite

There are times when you need to publish something immediately and there is no way that you are in as position to think the content through. Hootsuite comes to your rescue! Apart from scheduling content to post whenever you want, Hootsuite also allows you to craft your posts by giving you a list of automatic content suggestions that are customized to the relevance and interest of your audience.

#4 Hubspot

It doesn’t hurt to have 360 degree glimpse of your entire online presence in a single place, does it? The Hubspot Calendar allows you to manage your content across all your blogs, landing pages, email, and social channels.  It thus effectively allows  you to organize, schedule and publish in one place!

#5 Latergram

We have many tools to schedule and manage posts across all social media platforms except Instagram. Latergram is one of the only and easiest tools to schedule and manage your Instagram posts. Though the posts can only be scheduled and not published automatically, we are hoping that the former will be possible soon with updates being added across the platforms daily.

It’s just not the holidays, even during very busy working days, it becomes almost impossible to update something right at the time when you know it will receive the best response; or send a mail when you know you are most likely to get a response. Even more now than ever, due to shrinking distances and seamless connectivity, time zones can serve as perfect party spoilers for all of us. Like us, we suggest you make friends with one of these apps and make your life much easier!

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