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Happy developers make for happy clients.

That’s one of our core principles. Even when we were a small startup, we preferred open, creative areas where our developers and manager could collaborate and apply unique solutions to our clients’ projects.

When we moved into our newest office, we gained top of the line infrastructure and security. But more than that — we gained a more productive, collaborative, and creative space.

Clients are usually want to be shown that the quality and regularity of the work we offer is up to exacting standards. Further, they want to know how our developers are treated — after all, many of our clients have had bad experiences in places like Bangladesh and the Ukraine, where developers are overworked and underpaid. They want assurances that we’re different. To that we say: of course we are.

Our new office is actually emblematic of both of these commitments: the commitment to fast, good development and the commitment to our employee satisfaction. But that isn’t all. In addition to office design and management systems, we’ve also invested heavily in the infrastructure to measurably impact our clients’ launch schedule and bottom line.

Below are the details. If you want to know more about how our new infrastructure and layout can benefit your bottom line and your deadlines, read on.


Based in the emerging corporate hub of Kolkata, these new offices represent a step forward for our brand. But more than that – they also allow us to offer our clients more. More in the way of development quality. More security. More convenience. And perhaps most importantly, more peace of mind.

So what exactly does all that entail?

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We have updated firewalls, monitoring systems and gateways working at all times to keep your data and your projects safe. That’s just the “first line” of defense however. We’ve also invested heavily in intrusion detection methods and tools to alert us to any malicious attempts to gain entry.

Our virus and malware detection capabilities are as strong as ever with the inclusion of advanced data monitoring tools including MRTG and PRTG to identify infected files and malware. On top of all that we also have an advanced information security management system in place to deal with threats as they occur. And of course, all of our premises is protected by layers of physical security, including guards, controlled access points, and surveillance.

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Power & Routing

Your projects will benefit measurably from our robust infrastructure. We invest in systems meant to continuously move development along the cycle, with no outages or other holdups. This includes enterprise-class routing equipment for our data centers, multiple internet leased lines with dual list mile termination for ever ILL, and conditioned power to run interrupted even in a utility power outage.

It’s a troubling fact that we’re often asked to “rescue” projects from our competitors, but it’s true. Unable to match our infrastructure, our competitors often have to deal with interruptions and delays, and as a result their client’s projects suffer.

Worse, our competitors high turnover rates lead to problems in development. Dissatisfied developers leave, aren’t motivated to do their best work, or fail to be meticulous in their code.

That’s something we’ve always been successful at avoiding by providing an energetic, fun environment where we can do our best work. Since the beginning, we’ve always found new angles and models to address the process of development. One of the easiest and most effective ways to ensure an efficient development process is to keep developers happy.

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More on that below:

Employee Satisfaction and Management

When you take the leap into outsourcing, you want to make sure your development partner will treat the project with the same care as you. Whether it’s development, design, or digital marketing, it needs to be handled with creativity and focus. Although these have always been core tenets of our work, the design of our new office allows us to quantify the ways in which we can offer them to you.

This office has a capacity of 300 and is designed to offer an open, creative space for developers to do their best work. The result is stronger management processes AND happy developers. Coming into work every day shouldn’t be a chore, after all.

It’s true that you can’t always avoid the days when you feel “off.” However, whether you work in development, leadership, or management, if you can look forward to your workspace and the energy of the office, your life simply feels better.

Not only will our competitors have a hard time beating our infrastructure, but they’ll also be challenged to compete with the quality of life we offer employees. Sure, a fun, energetic office is a more productive office. But investing in worker happiness is worthwhile in itself. We care deeply about our employees, and go out of our way provide the best for them.

The office design embodies the efficient, yet creative and upbeat conditions in which we work best. It’s true that offices with open communication and collaboration allow creative talent to thrive. But it’s also a fact that focused, intense work is also best applied for long, uninterrupted “blocks” of time. Our new offices follow this philosophy with strategic seating placement, noise-free but transparent offices, and niches for uninterrupted work.

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We’ve always gone out of our way to provide clients with the skills they need for any project. But our new office and infrastructure takes that commitment one step further.

The benefits from our office are threefold. First, we benefit from streamlined management and powerful infrastructure. Second, our employees come to work energetic and ready to apply themselves creatively. Finally, our clients’ bottom line will reflect both of these qualities.

If you want to know more about our office design, management systems or infrastructure, and how they can impact your bottom line, we’re happy to talk. Just get in touch!


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