No More Monday Morning Blues for CNites

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Monday morning blues? Capital Numbers finds an easy solution to keep their employees more energized not only each Monday, but through the week. From 6 days work-week, Capital Numbers goes 5 days work-week.

We have a tendency to think that working for longer hours reap better results. We can achieve more, if we work for more number of days a week. But, that is just a myth. Working for longer hours leave the body and mind of an employee tired. Hence, his/her productivity goes down.

Capital Numbers, found that the real key to success is when an employee feels active while working.

“Working longer can lead to serious negative effects on health, family life, and productivity”, said Mr. Mukul Gupta, Managing – Director Capital Numbers. “A healthy mind and body, help employees to deliver higher quality work. You may say, solely for the health of the employees or to give them enough free time to go out, relax and buy stuff they need to, we have decided to work 5 days a week”, added Mukul, with a smile.

Several studies have shown that working for more than 5 days a week may increase risk of depression, heart attack, and heart disease.

“A low free time also leaves employees with lesser time for good habits like following a health regime or carrying out an hobby, which is necessary to minimize stress”, said Anindya Mukherjee, Director Operations, Capital Numbers.

“We actually get foolish when we work more. The ideal concept is to work hard and party harder. On Monday, when you are at work, you feel fresh and want to put in your best”, said Mukul with a wit.


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