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Some of us got to the news of Instagram Stories being launched through a meme that accused Instagram of pulling a Melania Trump on Snapchat


It was hilarious at first really, all those witty quips from users all around who had no idea why a great app like Instagram had to make such a “me too” move.

But then those who have been using Instagram not just personally, but professionally as well, sort of knew that the app is definitely onto something. After all, this is a brand that has been making all the right moves to make it friendlier towards businesses and users.Instagram followers and engagement has skyrocketed among brands and celebrities over the past year, according to a study by ARK Investment Management, illustrating that the photo-sharing social platform “seems to be cementing its position as the ideal platform for premium brand advertising.”

So why would it pull this move? We think we’ve got the answer.

There is nothing called original. There’s always getting inspired by something and making it better. Instagram has done exactly that. It has taken inspiration from the killer Snapchat feature and has actually made it better. The entire interface is much more responsive and easier to use, especially for adults who keep complaining that they find it difficult to find their way around Snapchat.

Instagram Stories leaves bread crumbs throughout the feature for users to follow; the feature even has limited number of buttons to choose from; also the explicit buttons for some CTA’s like replying helps increasing its simplicity.

…and trust us, no matter how much fun the internet had, making memes of the situation; Instagram Stories is a hit already.

Don’t believe us? Look for yourself. We challenge you, go tap the Instagram App, and we are pretty sure that you will already see stories from brands and users. Brands especially have taken to it, like a moth to flame.

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