How We Helped Idaho’s Leading Digital Agency Scale Its Drupal Teams

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You might already know that we help startups and small businesses with their web development. But did you know that’s not all we do?

We also help other agencies offer more services… even market themselves.

The funny thing is, sometimes agencies put so much effort into digital development and marketing for their clients that they forget to do the same for themselves.

That’s what happened to a certain leading Idaho-based agency we worked with.

They’d been outsourcing work to another team, with poor results. The other team was unprofessional (their developers often didn’t do the work) and resulted in loss of clients and revenue.

So this agency contacted us for better skills and more professional services.

First things first, we redesigned their entire site to look, and feel, appropriately like a big-time digital agency.

We also provided a wide array of development services to help the client’s business.

The client had a unique set of projects and tasks for us, and there was no simple way to document them all. So, for project management, and to help the client save on costs, we assigned many tasks to a single skilled, senior developer who could provide all the knowledge and skills needed.

As time went on, we added more developers, and now the client works with three of our developers consistently.

Time and project management presented a bit of an issue, because we would be offline when the client was just coming online. However, we ended up making that work in our favor by working outside of office hours. Usually, the client could assign a task before he they went to sleep, and we could have it finished before the woke up!

Finally, we were able to use Drupal 8 to replace a lot of the client’s outdated technology, resulting in a more modern, powerful web presence. We also helped them redo their online presence with better UI/UX and new technology.

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