How to Build a GPS Vehicle Tracking App?

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With the COVID-19 crisis, businesses are heavily investing in Global Positioning System (GPS) vehicle tracking apps to optimize logistics and minimize disruptions. Companies are developing these apps to extract vehicle-specific metrics and visualize fleet operations in real-time.

These apps help streamline fleet management, decrease idle time by 20-30%, reduce fuel consumption by 20-25%, and raise vehicle utilization by 15-20%. Besides, GPS vehicle tracking apps put labor-saving to 30 minutes per day, per driver. (Source: Frost and Sullivan)

As a result, businesses consider GPS vehicle tracking apps a smart and integrated solution to their fleet management.

Moreover, the fleet management market is likely to cross $55 billion by 2026, as per Global Market Insights, Inc.

These numbers have further pushed major fleet operators to develop GPS vehicle tracking apps to tap into this high-growth market and cater to all fleet management needs cost-effectively.

So, what is a GPS Vehicle Tracking App?

GPS vehicle tracking apps use telematics technology to monitor and map fleet vehicles’ speed, and location in real-time. These apps intelligently interpret massive amounts of fleet data and translate them into actionable insights for improved decision-making. For example, businesses can use these apps to:

  • Identify the vehicles that need to be dispatched to a specific location
  • Track the nearest crane
  • Find the number of generators available in the yard

and more.

In essence, these apps make connected vehicle tracking hassle-free and offer fleet managers massive benefits such as:

Benefits of GPS Vehicle Tracking Apps

Reduced Fuel Costs

Business owners can use these apps to monitor drivers taking longer routes unnecessarily and suggest shorter routes for reduced fuel consumption.

Pinpoint Dispatching

Instead of radioing drivers for their exact location and waiting for their response, business owners can use these apps to identify nearby vehicles and dispatch them.

Increased Employee Accountability

Managers can use fleet tracking apps to see who’s hard-driving or idling and accordingly take greater efficiency and accountability measures.

Better Customer Service

In case customers want high-priority pick-ups or deliveries, dispatchers can inform drivers accordingly through in-app messaging and reduce wait time in the process.

Improved Roadside Assistance

Fleet managers can use the apps to track vehicle malfunctions and connect the stranded vehicle with the nearest available driver for immediate roadside assistance.

Consistent Live Tracking

Business owners can use live tracking to monitor mileage logs, timely customer services, unauthorized access, vehicle theft, false time claims, extended trips, and more.

In a nutshell, these apps help fleet managers get accurate information about their vehicles, regardless of whether they are on the road or parked in the warehouse.

If you’re looking to gain an edge by developing GPS vehicle tracking apps, incorporate the following crucial features to make your app a success:

Key Features to Build a GPS Vehicle Tracking App

Real-time Location Tracking

Integrate Google Maps or Apple Maps in your GPS vehicle tracking app to monitor fleet operations effectively and send the right cars, resources, and people to the right places.

Driver ID

Incorporate Driver ID in the app to track individual driver behavior, prevent unauthorized access, improve vehicle security, and track journey details for better fleet management.

Trip History

Get a detailed summary of the past records that include driver journey, kilometers traveled, idling, stoppages, engine time, and average speed through trip history.

In-app Chat

Add an in-app chat functionality to stay connected with and send instructions to the drivers on-the-go if a customer wants an urgent delivery or a pick-up.

Custom Notifications

Send custom notifications when a driver starts the journey, reaches a designated dropoff, or wanders off to the wrong route, and streamline everyday activities of drivers accordingly.


Add Geofences to get timely alerts every time your vehicles enter or exit the geographical fences (or virtual boundaries) and elevate operational efficiency along with security levels, based on the alerts.

Access Control and User Management

Define access privileges in the app for administrators, supervisors, field personnel, drivers, and other app users to enhance user hierarchy within an account or across account groups.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Create a comprehensive, detailed, and well-structured dashboard to obtain all data points and KPIs about fleet operations on a single page layout.


Derive analytical reports to get detailed metrics about drivers, trips, fuel use, GPS history, etc., and translate this data into actionable insights to fine-tune business strategies.

Easy-to-use Interface

Add slick designs and intuitive interfaces that offer aesthetic value, deliver consistent navigation, provide simplicity, and facilitate clean in-app interactions between all parties.

By implementing the above in your app, you can track thousands of cars, trucks, and in-field assets without incurring huge costs. You can simplify real-time vehicle tracking, intuitive routing, dispatching, reporting, and last-mile deliveries significantly.

Today, the evolution of the 5G network, Mobility-as-a-service (MaaS), data security, and telematics has further led hundreds of businesses to use GPS vehicle tracking apps for key sectors such as the following:

Industries Where GPS Vehicle Tracking Apps are Used

Logistics Food Delivery Construction
Corporate Vehicle Rentals Package Delivery Pharmaceuticals
Mining Fisheries Emergency Services

To Summarize

If you’re looking to gauge your fleet status without relying on messy reports or pesky data entries, develop a GPS vehicle tracking app. These fleet management systems are scalable, customizable, and highly profitable for businesses looking to succeed in a rapidly changing fleet industry.

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