Happiness is … knowing that your team is happy

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We are everywhere. We work across the seven seas. But in the end, we are a close knit of people, who spend a lot of time together making good things happen.

Naturally, when we get to see some negative reviews anonymously posted on sites like glassdoor our first reaction were to believe that these are doings of some unscrupulous competitor. But we obviously never want to take chances as far as the well being of our team is concerned, so we promptly conducted a survey to assess what the general feeling around the company is like at the moment.

It was a welcome exercise, and more than 80% of us were able to participate in it.

The questions revolved around interaction with clients, number of working hours per day, relationship with supervisors, assigned work, and job satisfaction.

Some of the results were pretty obvious, others quite intriguing and revealing!

For example, more than 82% respondents think that they are “perfect match” for the project they have been assigned

More than 93% think that they are paid slightly-extremely well for the jobs they do

A staggering 87% are happy-extremely happy with their bosses

Also thankfully, more than the majority feel that they have just the right amount of pressure and rarely need to work for more than 8 hours a day.

When asked about the room for improvement, there were several personal insights from our team members, and most of them have been taken under advisement. It was heartening to see that people had several ideas of how they can improve the working conditions for a better output, they were also pretty aware of what they want from the company that makes them happy.

Our HR Department particularly is very happy with the survey, and when asked about how they feel about it, they said “We are an extremely employee focused company and want to create a healthy and happy work environment. This survey validates our feeling that we have been able to offer growth oriented, stress free work environment to our employees”

The results of our survey almost negate the reviews that prompted it. We can safely ignore them now. Apart from its prime agenda, the survey has given us a very valuable insight into how our employees see and feel about the company. We are looking forward to work on the results, and would be happy to conduct another survey in sometime after we are done introducing reforms as per the results.

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