Explained: The Difference Between SEO And Content Optimisation

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The framework of SEO is keyword optimisation. On the other hand, the framework for Content Optimisation is to know how the phrases and words are interconnected and interrelated. With semantic search, now you search for a topic as a whole, rather than searching for a particular keyword. Basically, we can say that SEO has become more complex as now you search for a topic rather than a keyword.

Topic Modeling Is the Framework Used For Content
SEO is mainly dependent on keyword optimisation. Similarly, content optimisation is dependent on how the phrases and words are connected to each other. Content optimisation provides you with the best results to any question asked. In fact, content optimisation provides you with the explained answer to any queries. Content optimisation provides you with sub-topics for your queries to provide the explanation in details.
However, to start with content optimisation you need a keyword first. The keyword is to something which would help you to cover the entire topic.

How Can You Create Authoritative Content?
In order to create authoritative content, you can take help of tools such as MarketMuse. However, if you want to do it all by yourself, you need to follow the following steps. At first, you must determine the goal of the content. Then you decide about the keyword of the topic. You must start with the most important pages. After this, you need to do the research to understand the target audience and what they want from you.
It is a good idea to find words that are similar to each other. Make a list of the most searched results which are been asked by the users. On basis of these results, you can create the keyword for your SEO.
As you have found out the keyword for your content, you can now write the content in a vivid way. For example, you can write about the definition, source, benefits of the keyword. You can provide answers to sub-topics such as how this particular keyword can be utilized by all. You can provide reviews and links which are related to the keyword.

Let Us See If The Tools That Were Used Traditionally For SEO Are Still Relevant Or Not
The SEO tools that were used traditionally are no doubt useful. But they do not provide you with all the solutions. Whereas, tools that are used for the purpose of content optimisation helps you with all the solutions. Tools such as SEMRush and Moz have the capability to show you the result of keyword search. However, they cannot provide you with results for topics. These tools would not rank high in the semantic analysis.
If you are looking to optimise your content, you must go for some holistic solution. Other than MarketMuse, you will find others tools as well to help you in optimising the content. However, only a few of these tools will provide you with the proper solution for content optimisation.

So Can We Say That Keyword Has Become Obsolete?
The answer to this question is a big no. Keyword has not become obsolete. However, SEO has become complex than before. Nowadays, you not only need to search for a particular word but also need to look for the trending topic. Content optimisation will help the search engines to understand your purpose and help you to create better content. It also helps you to boost the ranking with factors that are traditionally followed.

In order to create a content which would stand out from the rest, you need to understand the purpose behind the search. This will help you to understand your user’s search. Thus on basis of this, you can create the content in a brilliant way.


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