Capital Numbers US Wing Met at Boise for Strategic Planning

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The US team of Capital Numbers was in Boise in early May to plan for the forthcoming year. The strategic meet had the presence of Mr. Mukul Gupta, Managing Director, Mr. Jason Dodd, Country Head (US), and Chuck Chiu and Evie Clercx, Account Managers.

While Jason and Chuck are based out of Boise, Idaho, Evie flew from Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Mukul from Kolkata, India to attend the meeting.

“The meeting signaled the next step to expand our presence in USA to answer the growing demand in the field of web and mobile apps development”, said Mr. Mukul Gupta.

Over the last decade, India has grown into the largest and most preferred outsourcing market for the mobile and software industries. “The Boise office will help us reach and cater to a larger market in the US”, added Mukul.

A great time of the two days meeting (May 4 & 5) was spent on shaping an agenda for the future growth of the organization.

Apart from identifying key growth areas, target time was also set for achieving each goal. The outcome of the meeting ensures several forward-looking activities to capture a larger market share.


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