Capital Numbers Receives BCC&I’s MSME Sustainability Award 2022

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Capital Numbers bags the MSME Sustainability Award from the prestigious organization – The Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BCC&I). This award shows our ability to follow sustainability goals and practices successfully.

It is a moment of great pride for us to get selected among the finalists in this category. We feel humbled to be one of the leading MSMEs committed to implementing a greener tomorrow.

Sustainability has always been high on Capital Numbers’ agenda. We have operated out of Gold standard green building for several years. We have been aware of the growing environmental hazards that need to get addressed immediately. Therefore, we constantly try to do our bit to be environmentally responsible and conscious. We let 90% of our employees use laptops and only 10% use desktops. This initiative has led to cost-effective maintenance and minimized e-wastes. We also have lessened power consumption over the last three years, which is a commendable move.

As a team, we operate within a hybrid work model to reduce the number of people physically present in the office. This has drastically reduced fuel waste and emissions. We have also switched to e-contracts and e-signatures to go paperless as much as possible.

Various climate-focused approaches such as the above have allowed Capital Numbers to contribute to a carbon-neutral environment. And the BCC&I award is a testament to that.

As we expand, we plan to continue developing a low-carbon infrastructure. We know that environmental risks are business risks in this day and age. So, we plan to optimize our business operations in every way to improve climate outcomes.

We make sure to reuse all hardware components as and when possible. We aim to recycle and reduce e-disposals to offset our business footprint on the environment.

Luckily, we’ve arrived at a time when sustainability investments can increase business gains. So, we make sure we adopt strategies that can help us stop global warming and remain productive at the same time. The BCC&I Sustainability Award has further inspired us to move towards greener policies and stick to them.

After all, a small step towards sustainable development will have big impacts down the road. And what better way to start it than now.


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