Capital Numbers Cares: Coming together for a compassionate cause

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“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

On April 23, 2022, Capital Numbers, a Kolkata-based leading software development company, donated an ambulance in collaboration with Aarogya Vahini Trust (AVT) to cater to those in need of healthcare.

The event was held at Capital Numbers’ Kolkata headquarters, Mani Casadona. Capital Numbers’ Founder & CEO Mukul Gupta, Director of Operations Anindya Mukherjee, CFO Vipul Gupta, Head of Compliance Subhrajit Das, and HR Manager Paromita Biswas Panja were present at the event. Team members of the Satya Sai Aarogya Vahini were also present.

Mr. Mukul Gupta stated, “The Covid-19 pandemic has emphasized the need to boost the country’s healthcare, and we have now realized more than ever how fragile our life is. When it comes to healthcare, all of us should contribute in whatever way possible for the nation’s sake. The government is doing its job, and we should do ours. From providing medicines to donating ambulances, we at Capital Numbers are trying to do our best.”

Though the West Bengal government provides healthcare services in rural areas and has opened up medical hospitals, sub-centers, and rural health centers, people in several districts in the state continue to face abject difficulties due to the lack of medicines within communities. Moreover, there are no medical provisions in villages, and people are often unable to travel long distances to reach private hospitals.

Many cannot access healthcare on time despite the efforts, particularly in the suburbs and rural areas. Even in the cities, a large section cannot afford medicines and treatment.

In such cases, the availability of an ambulance is a much-needed blessing.

Thus, Capital Numbers decided it was time to step in and make a difference and began its journey to make healthcare affordable and accessible to the masses.

A leading global provider of digital engineering services, Capital Numbers decided to do its bit towards providing medical facilities to the masses free of cost.

Capital Numbers’ healthcare activities include free-of-cost integrated rural healthcare and relief services through innovation and humanitarian community action. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the company provided financial assistance and aid to those afflicted with the Coronavirus. It also aims to help the underprivileged kids of society with food, health, and education.

In the endeavor to provide necessary medical facilities through volunteers and mobile medical units, the company is glad to have found an able partner in Aarogya Vahini Trust (AVT).

AVT, a Kolkata-based charitable organization, is a member of The International Community of Organizations of the SAI Global Federation of Foundations. It has provided free healthcare services to vulnerable communities in rural West Bengal, Jharkhand, Bihar, and Assam since 2015.

AVT’s medical management services in rural sectors have been impressive. Some of these services include:

  • Facilitating and supporting corrective surgeries for congenital conditions like cleft palate, rectal deformity, and pulmonary stenosis
  • Organizing health camps
  • Providing critical logistical services
  • Delivering essential health equipment to far-flung villages

Capital Numbers is happy to collaborate with AVT and looks forward to making medical facilities accessible to many more underprivileged communities in the future too. We believe that one may walk over the highest mountain one step at a time and that it is in starting that other efforts become clearer. Also, it was our responsibility to not just progress as a business but as an organization that considers human welfare, be it employees or the people of our state. As an inclusive group, we felt the need to do more than just watch and document.

Founder & CEO Mukul Gupta, driven by a passion for voluntary service, has instilled the same value for humanitarian assistance in our team members and encourages us to serve the society likewise.


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