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In the world of business, there are categorically three groups – those that can talk the talk, those that can walk the walk, and relatively few that have the credentials to do both.

We, Capital Numbers, were on the hunt for an opportunity to meet the speakers who can share true professional knowledge and first-hand experience. We always want to belong to the third category and go beyond that regarding agency management and growth.

Attending Agency Growth Summit has often proved fruitful whenever an agency wants to focus on its growth. We, Capital Numbers are going to participate in the Agency Growth Summit 2016 held  in Austin, Texas from 5th December to 6th December. We are delighted and excited.

DigitalMarketer is going to host their first ever partner gathering, providing an exciting opportunity where agents and suppliers can get up to date on crucial issues. This Agency Growth Summit will examine key elements of business growth and strive to find solutions to overcome the most common challenges faced by the agents throughout their development.

This is something we look forward to. We just don’t want to leave with a notebook full of ideas and a whole raft of do’s and don’ts. We believe in implementation. Therefore, we want to tap into fresh growth ideas, attracting more prospects, converting more clients.

We can’t wait for the mastermind sessions, topic tables, and the infamous “Wicked Smaht” contest. We believe it’s not just an event but a workshop where we can meet agents who will share their experience and talk about what processes can be adapted to the growth of the agency.  

We would like to grab the opportunity to have a talk with other members of the network alongside checking out the selection of suppliers exhibiting at the conference. Hopefully, it would be a nice experience.

See you at the Agency Growth Summit 2016.

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