5 Web Development Trends that Will Rule in 2019

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Technology keeps developing and changing, it may or may not come as a surprise to our readers that with change, inevitably, they will have to alter their choices. Opinions change accordingly and automatically. Development is related to growth and web development is related to creating content on the Internet or Intranet which is useful for a specific or global audience and it all results in a good ‘web experience’. It can be something as simple as a single page containing simple and succinct text or as complicated as the huge social media applications like Facebook and Twitter. The content developed can be highly subject-specific, depending on what kind of web content you want to develop.

The web is going great guns year after year. There is always something, and sometimes everything new, having better technology than the existing one. You can see new trend each time which are distinct, surprising and have informative content.

“All computers wait at the same speed.” However, you can increase the speed at which it functions by a small update. Although the core-fundamentals of web designing and development remain the same the various technologies and techniques change and improve with time. Therefore, there are a few latest web development trends that will keep your knowledge of the web intact and improved. We have focused on some very common and frequently needed web technologies.

Web Tools and Software:
Here, we are referring to the basic Web development tools that help to access, test and debug the interface. Since our prime focus is web development, the tools discussed don’t help you create the interface/web page instead it helps you to keep the already created interface running. The latest tools that are required to view a page or edit a page are VS CODE, SUBLIME. VS code is highly recommended as it can make web development much more fun, easy, fast and extensive.
GOOGLE CHROME, a web browser, has managed to be the front runner for the last few years.

Trendy technologies and Modular designs:
Two major technologies that you do not want to miss out on HTML- Hypertext Markup Language and CSS-Cascading Style Sheets.
“A good programmer looks both ways before crossing a one-way street.”
HTML and CSS form a trio with JavaScript. Javascript framework, for quite a while now, has remained a constant in web development. These technologies are adaptable and convenient therefore majority of the wed developers prefer it. This technology offers a variety of variables to adjust the semantics and the outlook of your web content. Implementing these technologies in your layout will never leave you out of the loop.
Modular designs are the versatile designs that don’t restrict your webpage and the complete idea. The modular text blocks can be used to highlight some content and to gain the user’s attention.

Mobiles have become a major requisite of our today. Everyone, the poorest to middle class to the richest person, owns a mobile phone. Mobile phones, for most of us are not just a mode for communication, but also a medium to entertain, educate and perform work related tasks (for a majority). The access to the web is generally through the mobile phone but most websites lack mobile-friendliness and therefore result in an incomplete or a bad web experience.
Mobile and desktops offer a different experience. Therefore, make sure you’re the website you create caters to all kinds of screens and especially mobiles as year after year the average time spent on mobiles phones is greater than any other mediums. Hence, mobile responsiveness with an accelerated load speed is definitely a trend that you need to catch up with in 2019, if you haven’t already.

Custom bot:
Web development is something that has existed and prospered only because it caters to the needs of the customers. Chat bots are a step further. The chat bot trend includes live chats, instant solutions, virtual convenience, and customer support. Basically, it is an artificial intelligence interactive program that helps find solutions to the user’s problem and also conveys their problems to the web developers. In a very short time, this trend has become the supreme medium that aids with making your website user-friendly. Braced by instants, the answer/solutions provided to the queries make your work easier and the customer happier. Therefore, do not forget to add a chat bot to your website if you wish to increase its efficiency and eminence.

Web Applications:
Web applications are software that runs on the web server. Web applications are definitely going to rule in 2019 because they already began to do is in 2018. These software programs are just like the basic mobile applications like gallery and camera. The difference is that it’s online which means that the user needs a net connection to access the web application. Applications create a direct link to the web server and eliminate the whole process of search and locate. This makes the process easier, faster and convenient. Rise in the mobile phone usage rates has also given most of the population access and rise to the usage of Internet. After access the next step is usage. Applications help increase the number of users of the website as it saves time and are easily accessible by all classes. One can download these apps on his/her smartphones through Play Store (for Android) and App Store (for IOS).

Voice-Search Optimisation:
What is better than not having to focus on the keyboard and type word to word of what you wish to see? Voice search optimisation is a software that has made the life’s of both the developers and the users extremely easy. For the users, the effort has reduced therefore the convenience improved. For the developers, their target audience has expanded as illiteracy has been eliminated as a barrier. The ultimate trend in voice-search optimisation, it is a trend that is being constantly adopted by the search engines. Some examples are Siri by Apple and Alexa by Amazon.

Artificial intelligence and Cyber Security:
One constant trend in this evolutionary technology field is cyber security. It is the foremost concern of every user and focus of every web developer. With the ever-increasing popularity and reach of the Internet, the dangers of the breach or misuse of the information present on this global interface also increases. Therefore, measures need to be taken in order to ensure the safety of the information online.
Artificial intelligence ensures cyber security. The AI systems provide an immediate aid which fights with the cyber attacks. They use the past records of such threats to guard the website and the user from any kind of cyber attack or information leakage. Cyber security is not just a trend; it is a mandatory step one needs to ensure.

This was not all because the web has no limits. Technologies keep evolving, the trends keep changing and if you are looking forward to developing your business and the website, the key is to keep is mind the future. If your aim to sustain your business for a longer period of time, the best way is to move along with the present keeping in mind the future. 2019 will open doors to various new tools and techs the trends mentioned above can make your website better than ever. In case, you are planning to create a website, make sure it’s updated, and trendy.


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