5 Ways Marketers use Emojis in their Campaigns

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In our last blog Getting started with emojis blogged to be hyperlinked, we spoke about

  • How emojis came to be mammoth trend that they are now
  • Why they found their way into day to day lives of every person who uses a phone and the internet, and
  • Why marketers would be grossly mistaken if they ignore their meteoric rise and don’t involve them in their communication.

Now let’s talk about how emojis can be strategically and gracefully pushed into communications, thus making them more relatable, engaging and relevant.

Let’s have a look at 5 such instances when brands aced their emoji marketing games, and let’s talk briefly about why the campaigns are nothing but little geniuses


emoji-2 emoji-3 emoji-4

Simplistically brilliant by McDonalds; only goes to prove that emojis are actually so detailed that you can use them to say even the most complex of things without using a single word. Also, McDonalds has always enjoyed its position as a flag bearer of pop culture, this sort of cements their position again.



No one doubts the power of symbols when it comes to boosting social causes. The use HeForShe symbol as emoji was thus a brilliant move that resulted in its mentions getting increased by 115%. The exercise stems from the same school of thought that encourages branding of causes by use of symbols on anything that the TG uses (T-shirts, coasters, stickers), thus increasing visibility.



WWF created 17 emojis for 17 endangered animals, and incorporated them in a social media campaign that urged people to donate 10 cents for their preservation every time they used one of these emojis in their tweets. The emojis though newly created were extremely relevant and relatable, thus easily found their way through conversations – the cause won fair and square.



If we start talking about Deadpool’s integrated marketing techniques, we would need the night and two tall glasses of extra tall coffee. But let’s not digress. Let’s just marvel at this stupidly outrageous idea that deserves all the praise  it got. They had the audacity to take a step further and take emojis out of the digital vacuum and into the real world. The genius of this is more in the content though. It’s a pathetic joke. A PJ. The kinds that we see loitering on our Whatsapp groups every now and then; the kind that we are ashamed that we get in the first go.



An out of bounds, sci-fi move by the brand that won them all the accolades actually; the campaign gave rise to the concept of emoji ordering or emoji commerce. The campaign managed off the charts online to offline conversions, the simple idea so potent that it will be talked about for years to come.

These are obviously only 5 of many awesome campaigns that use emojis as their leverage, but then we are hoping that these are enough to give you a drift of the kind of possibilities that these kind of marketing communications hold.

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