5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using React JS

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React JS was introduced by the Facebook a few years back. The framework of React JS has overshadowed the popularity of other JavaScripts. Prior to the introduction of React JS, the other Javascripts framework that was popular were Ember JS, Angular JS. However, these javascripts had some shortcomings. Facebook researched these shortcomings while developing the React JS. There is no doubt that React JS is a better programming language for the developers. Initially, React JS was developed as a test tool, but in course of time, it has become the one of the best javascript Library. Thus, let us see why you should be using React JS.

React JS is easy to use and learn
React has a user-friendly javascript documentation which is easy to understand. In fact, you do not need the guidance of any other developer to understand and use React JS. React JS is component based. You can easily use this for developing your web and mobile applications. React JS has become so popular among the developers because of its simplicity and easy to use approach. Any developer can use React JS by getting trained through the tutorials for a few days. The thinking process of React JS is different from other JavaScript libraries/frameworks. Thus, even if you are well accustomed with the other JavaScript libraries/frameworks, you must take some time to learn about React JS before actually using it for your web and mobile apps. However, you can be sure that once you start using it, you will find it easy to use and it’s accessibility over the web platforms.

Components that can be reused
The structure of React JS is component based. This enables you to start with small components and progress towards larger ones. For example, when you start using React JS, you can begin with buttons, checkbox and drop downs. Gradually, you can use the components for creating wrapper components. In course of time, you can move from one level of wrapper component to a higher level for achieving the root component. Each component of React JS consists of individual internal logic. This determines how the component is rendered. You can reuse the components of React JS on any platform. Thus, your applications will have the same feel and look in every platform starting from web to mobile. This simplifies the whole process of app development as when you reuse the components, it helps your app to grow fast and also helps you to maintain the codebase. Also, this helps to build apps without leaving any point hole which hackers are looking for and this components are reusable so you don’t have to write the same base for same access requirement.

Great tool for developers
When you choose a platform, you must consider the tools that are available on the platform. You must also consider their usage in different browsers. The reason which makes React JS popular is its toolset. There are three types of toolsets. The first one is React Developer Tools and the second one is Redux Developer Tool and the last one is Mobx Developer Tool. you must know the difference between the two before using the toolsets. All of these toolsets can be installed in Chrome and other major browsers. However, they have different functionalities. React Developer Tool can be used for inspecting the hierarchy of the components and for observing their current states. On the other hand, you can use the Redux Developer Tool to observe the dispatched action and the changes that are made in the store. In fact, you can instantly view the changes while using the Redux Developer Tool. All the changes that you make using the Redux Developer Tool are stored in the extension. Thus, with the help of the debugging process, you can move your application to any previous state. As these toolsets are the extension of Chrome, it can be so that they may not function in the same way in the other browsers.

Virtual DOM helps in fast rendering
When you choose a programming framework, you must consider its performance. This is important if you are developing a mobile app where there is the requirement for user interaction. You may find many Javascript libraries/frameworks which can create complex applications, however, the Document Object Model or DOM may be slow. You can overcome this shortcoming by choosing React JS. React JS uses virtual DOM which is kept in the memory. All that changes that you make are first reflected in the memory. Then the changes will be considered by an efficient algorithm in the virtual DOM. after this the best method is chosen for making the changes. The changes are approved to minimize the time taken to read and write. The virtual DOM is performance-based and results effectively on the browser. Thus, with the help of the React JS, you can build your applications.

You can test the functions of your applications if you use React JS for developing your mobile app. The simple testing of React JS makes it more popular than angular. React JS is easy to test as the views can be treated as a specific state’s function. Thus it is easier for you to manipulate all the states of React JS. You can view all the end results of the functions of the app if you use React JS, the tutorial of React JS teaches you in details how to use the test utilities.

Thus, you can now decide on why you should choose the React JS for developing your app. However, before choosing React JS, you must see how it functions in all the browsers except for Chrome. React may not function equally for all the browsers. Thus, your users may not have the same look and feel of your app. In short, you can be sure that React JS is easy to use, apply, understand and test. There are also marked points you will find on the flow with React like the security of your codebase, global accesses, structured are everywhere, maintained with the modulars etc.


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