5 Reasons to Choose Custom Web Apps over Prepackaged Solutions

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When a user downloads and installs an app, he often changes the ‘Settings’ options to personalize his app experience. The same happens with custom enterprise software. Organizations work with software vendors to tailor-build apps to suit specific needs. And this software customization is a good thing because it provides you the flexibility that a standard solution doesn’t.

In custom apps, you may add or remove as many features as you want. But, in prepackaged software products, you cannot always add custom integrations on-demand. This may leave you with either too many or too few functionalities.

So, if you plan to scale your business effectively, always custom craft your web app. It will yield solid returns and give you a sharp edge over the rest. Something that a one-size-fits-all can never provide.

We’ve jotted down five key points to show how custom web apps can benefit your business more than a prepackaged solution.

5 Reasons to Choose Custom Web Apps

  1. Competitive Advantage – When you depend on off-the-shelf software apps that your competitors use, you hardly get a chance to outperform them. But, when you design your custom systems with specific frameworks and APIs, you automatically garner a competitive edge over your peers. This advantage grows as you enhance your custom apps’ functionalities down the road.
  2. Improved ROI – A prepackaged solution is usually a canned product with a handful of modules or plugins that may not be relevant to your business. You may continue to pay for them unnecessarily in the long run. However, if you choose to develop custom apps, you may add the critical features you need and opt-out of the rest. This saves you unwanted costs, translating to higher ROIs in the long run.
  3. Seamless Integrations – Off-the-shelf software apps with limited integrations may not be compatible with your existing business platforms. Custom apps, however, can be tailored to sync with your existing business tools. They can easily integrate with your current business processes, bring everyone on the same page, improve efficiencies, and remove silos.
  4. Security – With custom web app development, you have the power to choose your data protection technology right from the start. You can add advanced security layers to protect your system from specific bots or malicious hackers. On the other hand, prepackaged software relies on default frameworks which may be prone to vulnerabilities.
  5. Personalized Support – A leading custom web app development company can provide you with personal support to fix bugs from time to time. It can even come up with out-of-the-box solutions to upgrade your product as and when needed. On the other hand, off-the-shelf software apps are mass-produced and don’t come with the option of ongoing maintenance. So, if there are system issues, you may have to wait for the next upgrade to resolve them.

Here is a table to give you a better summary of the above.

Custom Web Apps Vs. Prepackaged Solutions

Criteria Custom Apps Prepackaged Solutions
Competitive Advantage High Low
ROI Cost-effective upgrades lead to better ROI Unwanted fees and costs lead to poor ROI
Compatibility Easily compatible with existing business tools May not be compatible with existing tools
Security Safe against frauds Vulnerable to cyber attacks
Maintenance Easily maintainable by a reliable tech partner Ongoing maintenance is cumbersome

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Why Contact Capital Numbers for Custom Web Apps?

Capital Numbers excels at creating fully tailored web and mobile apps from scratch. We prepare realistic plans with achievable milestones to develop the product you want. We don’t believe in delivering off-the-rack solutions that don’t align with your business. We deep dive into your project to implement the frontends, backends, APIs, modules, plugins, and hosting platforms your desired product needs. We also offer maintenance services to ensure your updated product caters to its unique users the way it should.

Our custom solutions help Fintech, Healthcare, eCommerce, eLearning, and Martech businesses propel ahead. If you, too, have a project idea in mind and look to custom craft it, reach out to us. We’ll identify your needs, put forward suggestions, and develop a product that’s genuinely yours.


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