5 Pillars of Digital Transformation: You Must Know

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Digital transformation is a multi-faceted journey with different goals based on your industry and digital maturity.

Nowadays, businesses are turning to science-led scalable digital transformation services to empower remote workforces, provide customers with exceptional services, and create immersive experiences that would have seemed challenging.

According to McKinsey, 20% to 50% economic gains and 20% to 30% increase in client satisfaction can be achieved through digital transformation. By 2025, it is expected to reach USD 3.3 Billion.

Transformation, if done correctly, requires alignment across your entire business—including investment dollars, priorities, measurement and metrics, and an execution path.

And to ensure a successful digital transformation, companies need to focus on the key pillars. Here through the infographics, we have outlined the four pillars so that you can understand their importance and work accordingly.

5 Pillars of Digital Transformation

I. IT Uplift

It promises the latest platforms with effective tools to serve customers at lower maintenance costs. However, for mature digital companies, investment is still required to use advanced tools, including artificial intelligence.

II. Digitizing Operations

Without digitizing operations, your company will be left behind by more efficient operators. A company may begin its digital transformation journey by digitizing processes and, as it matures, rearchitect processes entirely. As companies rearchitect their processes, they also unlock more transformational possibilities.

III. Digital Connections

Improving digital connections can help companies in multiple ways, including smooth processes, data-driven marketing, enhanced customer experiences, and more. You can beat your competitors and stand tall in the market with better connections.

IV. Data Curation

With data curation, you can eliminate your business’ pain points for your team and customers. People often select their preferred technologies before analyzing their data while creating transformation strategies. But it is not the way to work. Without analyzing data, you may know the loopholes at your internal team’s end but miss out on the loopholes that your customers face regularly. Data curation helps your team find out the best solution and work accordingly.

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V. Culture Change

Generally, clients and employees of a company are reluctant toward significant changes, which makes it difficult to execute any transformation. Culture is the critical cornerstone of any successful digital transformation program. So, preparing your employees for it in advance will be helpful.

Whether planning to enhance performance and ensure better productivity with digital solutions or are already on the journey, knowing about the pillars is a must for you.

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