4 Things to Keep in Mind while choosing a Domain Name for your Blog

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Even felt the pressure of deciding on a tattoo? Well, the pressure of deciding on a domain name for your blog or website is (& should be) no less. Like tattoos, it’s one of those decisions that you live with for the rest of your lives.

A domain name is the internet addresses (URL) that people need to type into their browsers in order to access your site.

A great domain name gives you credibility, represents you online, and carves your personal identity online. The process to getting a domain name for your blog that matches your blog’s niche, keywords and title can be nerve wrecking.

We have in due course of time helped host and create several blog spaces for businesses / individuals, and have gained a unique insight on the kind of road blocks that one may face in the process.

Keeping these road blocks in mind, we have prepared this check list of 4 things that you must keep in mind while choosing a domain name for your blog.

1. It should be short and pronounceable

The beauty is in the little things. This saying is perfectly applicable when you are choosing domain names.

One of the main things that you want for your blog is for more and more people to visit it. Now imagine a situation where a person may have randomly come across your blog, but wants to check it up again days later, or maybe a person really liked your blog and wants to recommend it to a friend over coffee.

These are two situations among many when having a short, crisp and pronounceable domain name for your blog will be very healthy for people to easily remember and communicate it. It will make sure that they don’t misspell it while typing it on their browsers or that they don’t pronounce it so wrong that their friend notes down a completely different spelling and never gets to reach your blog.

2. Use keywords if possible

We live in a world of ‘micro-moments’, where people are quick to fish out their phones and quickly type their queries into search engines to get answers, and how do search engines work?

Yes, nothing other than Keywords.

Having keywords in your domain name has been known to be good from the SEO perspective, but then again if we were to talk from the other side of our mouth, we will say that we have actually noticed Google biasing against these perfect matched keywords for domain names.

So here’s how you walk the thin line. If using keywords in your domain name helps to make your blog content obvious, then go for it hands down. But if not, honestly don’t sweat it.

3. The domain name should be instantly intuitive

This is one of the great challenges of choosing a domain name. Your domain name must connect with your target audience immediately, and it should be so intuitive that even looking at the domain name should give the audience a fair idea of what your blog is all about.

We know how you love getting creative with words, but then layers and metaphors are something that you should avoid. Having a domain name that is instantly intuitive is a huge boost; it doesn’t confuse your audience, and encourages them to click in.

4. The domain name should be brandable

“Think about some of the big tech brands that exist today, like Google or Yahoo. Want to know why those names fit their brands so well? It’s because for the most part they are completely original words. Our minds didn’t really have a concept of what these names meant before we ever heard them, so the companies behind them could easily create the image of what they meant to us from scratch. Heck, Google has since become a verb.”

John Rampton, Hostt

Often we may have found that keywords are rendering domain names too generic and leeching them off originality. So to make sure that your domain name doesn’t get lost in the sea of domain names, the best way to go ahead of this road block is trying to create brandable names using keywords and extra syllables. You will be surprised by how much better an originally crafted name connects to the audience.

We are pretty sure that going through these points will help you immensely in deciding on a domain name for your blog. But truth be told, it’s as intricate a process as it gets, and we will be able to help you best if you give us a detailed idea of what your blog is about. That will help us map up a target audience for you and even get you data that will help you make informed decisions on what clicks with your audience.

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