5 Things You Need to Know Before You Hire Mobile App Developers
Ecommerce Trends for 2015

It is a challenging job to identify the right qualified mobile app developers for any firm. In the age of ‘surf-on-the-go’, more and more people are choosing to go mobile over PCs and Laptops. Tablets and Smartphones are slated to completely take over communication and internet surfing by 2020, and a large part of that has already begun. So, it’s not surprising that more and more companies are trying to devise mobile applications for the sake of dispatching their products and services more easily to consumers. Consequently, the market for mobile app developers has boomed and is continuing to boom like never before.   A few things need to be kept in mind during the hiring process:

Agility Is a Key Quality:
Mobile apps require monthly or even bi-weekly updates, depending upon customer reviews and demands. These changes could be on any platform; alpha, beta, prototype or release. Various methodologies and technologies should be used in order to maintain continuity throughout the ever-changing forms and formats.  They do this without spending too much time and resources to suit the varying priorities.

Frameworks or Custom Solutions:
It is important to check whether the app developer you are hiring works within an established framework of solutions, or whether they are leaning more towards custom solutions. Once you identify the approach the developer belongs to, you can move to correct the flaws in the structure/method the developer is following. Customized solutions are easier to fix, but they take a lot of time. On the other hand, structural flaws within a framework are hard to identify and/or correct.

Clear Code and Architecture Is a Must:
The developer(s) should make use of certain architectural patterns and code-writing rules so that an app can be sustainably developed and maintained for a very long period. Unless these things are done, every single app would quickly become dysfunctional and would hence, need to be rebuilt from scratch.

Autonomous or Group Functioning?
There are two kinds of developers: One would simply take your order and develop an app for you (without actually joining your company),  the other (group functioning) would join you as an employee and follow your exclusive directions and preferences. The previous one would be of high quality, but would definitely be less likely to be flexible to your every demand and whim; while the latter’s work can be moulded in any way one wanted.

They Should Have the Skills for Cross-platform Development:
It’s really not enough that the developer is skilled in creating applications for only one platform. If they were to claim the correct market value, then they would be able to develop them for a wide variety of operating systems (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Lynx) and devices (mobiles, tablets, and laptops).

The people you’re hiring should have User Experience and User Interface abilities because in today’s age, it is important that the applications that are created are easy to download. The outline of the app is also important in order for it to be presentable for potential customers. Developers hired should have a good command over the languages of PHP, Java, Python, C#, Objective-C and HTML5. They should also be efficient with runtime engines such as Adobe Flash Lite. It is especially useful if they happen to possess Objective-C view controller writing skills.

Last, but not least, the developer should be able to put themselves in the shoes of their clients and think from their point of view. They should be easy to communicate with, easy to reach and interact with in real time (if you’re utilizing the option of outsourcing to an autonomous company) and should have strong ethics.

Million became billion for e-commerce business in 2014. The year experienced some major changes in the e-commerce scenario. Globally there was a sharp growth in the business resulting into formation of some very successful brands. In India acquisition of largest fashion e-tailer were observed like Myntra, Flipkart, Jabong, Zovi etc. It can be easily predicted that e-commerce will remain one of the most sought after business for fashion, financial services, real estate, infrastructure and several other industries alike.

Lets check how the Ecommerce business if going to shape up in 2015:

Mcommerce to Grow at Rocketing Speed
With most retailers to offer mobile shopping platforms, 2015 will experience a boom in mobile e-commerce. In order to trap more customers, now e-tailors have already started developing mobile sites. This trend is predicted to show a sharp growth in 2015. More and more customer browse internet through a mobile device that is leading them to instant buying.

Our Prediction: Every 7 out of 10 customers will use a mobile device to shop

Magento-2 to have Bigger Market Share
After a long wait from 2011, Magento 2 has finally hit the market. It is expected that this Ecommerce platform will have a huge market share in 2015, followed closely by WooCommerce. The new version of Magento will change the landscape and offer a diverse shopping experience to users. Magento 2 will be using HTML 5, CSS 3, PHP 5.4 and 5.5 and Require.js and will help pages to load faster.

Our Prediction: There will be a huge switch from other Ecommerce platforms to Magento 2

An Application for Everything
Even until mid 2014 consumers were using their mobile devices to research on products they wanted to buy. The gradual shift of purchasing through the mobile itself has already started taking place towards the end of the year. The year 2015 will be the year of mobile applications. There will be apps making it all the more easy for you to shop through your mobile.

Our Prediction: There will be a resurgence of enhanced versions of already launched apps

More Benefits from Enhanced Ecommerce
There will be simplified version of Google Analytics ‘enhanced ecommerce’ helping Ecommerce business owners to properly take off. This new add-on by Google helps to compare add to bag rates within and across all categories of products, to see click-through rates available on products in search as well as category pages and manage returns and promotions.

Our Prediction: Enhanced Ecommerce will become more user friendly

Easy Tracking through Cross-device
Tracking through multiple devices will make a huge difference. The usage of cross-device tools to track how regular customers switch between devices and how many customers buy using all the three devices will bring up interesting results. Tracking other things like basket size, time of day and first purchase will help businesses to take strategic decisions to improve sales.

Our Prediction: Cross-device tracking will make a huge impact on Ecommerce business

A Year of Adaptation, Customization and Transformation
Customers these days have become extremely well informed. In order to match the demands of such hyper-empowered customers one needs to adapt to newer technologies and customize their Ecommerce platforms to offer a much superior experience to buyers. Ecommerce business is expected to give a whole new transformed experience to consumers.

Our Prediction: Transformation will be the most significant part of Ecommerce business

Improved Social Monitoring
To keep a track of what customers want and how they feel about your brand, social monitoring is important, which is predicted to grow at large in 2015. This will help retailers and brands to meet customer’s demans and gain market share faster. Brands are expected to respond quicker than before to their growing customers needs and respond with end-to-end logistics flexibility.

Our Prediction: Social Media to play an important role in Ecommerce business helping retails to monitor customers needs

More Same Day Delivery
Already few known brands such as Amazon and Flipkart have started same day delivery services to grab a bigger share of the market. For brands that delivers in 3 or more days, will become difficult to meet their customers demands. Consumers will not only look for accuracy at check-out but receive their products on the same day. This is probably the biggest strategic advantage that any brick and mortar store has over online stores.

Our Prediction: Improved and faster delivery

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