5th Oct 2015 / Capital Numbers / Web Design

A website is considered great following its usefulness, relevancy and user friendly design. Every web project is different and hence it must be treated in its unique depending upon its service offering or products and its target market. But, there are some basic design principles that are universal to all websites. Abhijit Sarkar heads the … Read Full Article

18th Sep 2015 / Capital Numbers / CN News

“The newest feather to the hat is the 2000th project”, said a very elated Mukul Gupta, Managing Director Capital Numbers. The company has shown a phenomenal growth since its inception and especially over the past year bagging its 2000th project in this month. “Last one year had been super exciting for us”, adds Mukul Gupta. … Read Full Article

11th Sep 2015 / Capital Numbers / Tech News

During Apple iPad Pro’s keynote session, Adobe showcased the next generation of Creative Cloud mobile apps. The company took the opportunity to preview Project Rigel, a digital mapping app and Photoshop Fix. Eric Snowden, Director of Mobile Design in Adobe, presented Adobe Comp CC, Adobe Photoshop Sketch, and Photoshop Fix on iPad Pro, recently announced … Read Full Article

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