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Capital Numbers celebrated its 1st Annual Event – CN O’ Phoria 2016 with great zeal and enthusiasm on Saturday, 17th December at Rabindra Tirtha. The fun fiesta was a great success. Thanks to the generous supporters. Over 200 attendees gathered and enjoyed the night. The program commenced at 3 PM. The entire function was greatly hosted by Shovan, Indranil, and Vijaya. The inaugural dance was performed by Sutapa, Rituparna, and Gargi. A glittering bonanza of skits, dances, jamming and music depicting extra-curricular prowess of the participants were staged.

The dance floor was put on fire with one performance after another from Sutapa, Rituparna and Gargi. They got the much-needed support from the other two male members of the group, Tapas, and Joydeep. Melodious songs from Avin, Prantika, Satyaki, Sumana and Sayantani did not fail to capture hearts.


Every participant gave their best to make the event a grand success. They deserve a special mention for their hard work as they all practiced and researched off hours and during lunch breaks.

After a small refreshment break, the stage was graced by the Managing Director of Capital Numbers Mr. Mukul Gupta, Mr. Anindya Mukherjee (Co-founder & Director of Operations), and other senior members of the management Mr. Pushpal Mazumdar(Solution Manager) and Mr. Subhrajit Das (Co-Founder & Business Process Head). They were later joined by all the respective Department Heads. All of them showered their appreciation on the employees and gave away the awards to the Key Contributors and Shining Stars.

This was not the end. There was more to come.


The stage was again lighted up by a jamming session which was incredible followed by a comedy act by Satyaki and Utpal. Their comedy act made everyone roll in their seats. It was time to go back in time as the stage was about to come alive with stars from the yesteryears. From Raj Kapoor to Ranbir Kapoor, the Retro to Metro act was a tribute to some of the hit Bollywood couples. The audience was happy to see some of their favorite stars being enacted by their colleagues and team members that included Meenakshi, Abhijit, Shreyasi, Utpal, Satyaki, Somrita, Snigdhadip, Sutapa, Joydeep, Rituparna, Tapas, Sayantani, Shovan, Sumanta, Arup, Rituparna, Shabbir, and Sonali.

This act brought the curtains down on the function at 7 P.M. which was finally wrapped by a dinner arranged on the sprawling lawns of Rabindra Tirtha.


Let’s get one thing straight first up. When we talk about gender bias, and the need for a gender balanced teams at work, we do not for once mean giving women jobs just for their genders.

It’s about trying our best to not deprive a talented woman of a position she deserves just because we don’t understand how our decisions are being influenced by subconscious inclinations and biases.

Research has repeatedly shown that even individuals consciously committed to gender equality harbour unconscious biases that influence decisions in the workplace. The biases are known to have a profound effect in everyday work life – especially in recruitment and selection.

Technology levels the playing field everywhere, and in this case also, it gives us the easiest and effective ways to avoid the gender bias.

Here are 3 steps that you could take:

Ensure healthy balance in the talent pool

Believe it or not, even the kinds of words most of us use in everyday communication are a specific gender skewed. We could easily avoid them by using tools that neutralize our text. For e.g. Textio. These tools help you optimize your tone and word usage, and help you post an unbiased job description.

You could also keep a special eye in promoting your listings in platforms that the underrepresented frequent. For eg. Social media groups that emphasize on women empowerment, websites devoted to gender equality etc.

Or you could learn from the best in the game. For instance, Slack is financing groups/organizations/programs that enable the underrepresented.

Build a structured and transparent hiring process

Bias can manifest in any or many ways. You cannot really keep an eye on every little detail that influences big decisions unless you have a transparent and structured hiring process.

The process should be built such, that each party responsible should have a copy of interview notes, share concerns and also have a clear idea of timeline goals and current status.

Design Robust Criteria

The criteria for a specific position have to be very specific. The moment you dwell in ambiguity, you risk the chance of giving into some bias or others. To avoid being vague, make sure that every test you take should be meticulously mapped to the job KRAs and overall goals.

Also, please avoid illegal/personal questions like “Are you married” “What are your plans about having children?”

Criteria for disqualification are as important as criteria for qualification. Ambiguous responses like, “she just doesn’t look fit for the job” should not really having place in your hiring process.

At Capital Numbers, we make sure that our clients have the best people to deliver their jobs. To ensure that, we realize that we have to create an environment where no person is left back due to any reasons other than not having the necessary set of skills.

Contact us at http://www.capitalnumbers.com/contact_us.php to ensure the best of talent devoted to your project.


Capital Number_SXSW

We had heard a lot about it over the years. The moment we decided that we would be going this year, we had started lapping up all about it from the internet. We wanted to be prepared for every little thing that might come our way during our stay at Austin. But we were only fooling ourselves.

You can never know what SXSW is, unless you see it for yourself.

From the moment we landed in Austin we were greeted with buzzing streets, thrumming neighbourhoods and nonchalant embrace of thousands of curious eyes all in search of keyholes to the past, present and the future.

We knew that SXSW is the most diverse conference in the world with attendees and exhibitors from around the world. We knew it would be huge. But believe us when we say that it was YHUGE!

We were drowning in and out of conversations with some of the world’s best innovators; the opportunity to hear them discuss their ambitious visions was absolutely exhilarating.

As mentioned a few days back, we had set up a booth (Stand 1530) at the conference. The response at the booth was excellent. We had the opportunity to meet with several brands, business owners and start-ups and talk about potential working areas for the future.

Mr Jason Dodd, our US Country Head delivered a live Pitch on the stage in front of a packed audience. He explained how Capital Numbers helps organisations save about 20% to 40% on Digital Production costs which they can then spend in a bigger distribution of content.

Here’s an excerpt of his pitch:

Capital Numbers offers In-Demand Skills,  On-Demand. We got a team of over 300 Designers, Developers and Digital Marketers who are available exclusively for you on full-time or part-time basis. Unlike Upwork, these guys are our full time in-house employees. So, we are responsible to guide them with technical and creative direction so they provide you with that consistent, high quality output.

Most organisations break Digital into 4 step process i.e. Strategy, Creative, Production and Distribution. Did you know that production costs represent nearly 30% – 50% of any organisations Digital Budget? But that’s not the worst part; a bigger challenge is that agencies cannot become truly strategic in their digital thinking when they are constrained by that “in-house designer who is sitting idle”. Resource constraints or availability often translates to thinking constraints.

Capital Numbers helps organisations to remove these constraints and helps them save about 20% to 40% on Digital Production costs which they can then spend in a bigger distribution of content. Thus we are a Digital Production Outsourcing Company! 

We are working with some of the biggest agencies, publishers and start-ups in the world as their partner for Digital Production. We believe that this is huge market, with the US alone spending nearly $600 Bn dollars in Digital this year. Our target markets are highly creative but technically handicapped.

Our business model is innovative because we can now tell these guys that they can decouple the production process from everything else and thus become truly strategic and solution agnostic. These guys would rather not deal with technical stuff and we give them just that – “Digital Production as a Service”.

Here are some of our pictures from SXSW 2016

IMG_1474 IMG_4322 IMG_4325 IMG_4327

We wanted to speak to everyone, try out every new wearable, and even all the concerts but most of our time was rather happily spent talking to people about Capital numbers and how we could add value to their product or business. We look forward to hitting Austin again in mid of March next year to revel in the extravaganza that is SXSW.

*BRB, enquiring about details for next year*

If you feel that we can help you reduce your digital spend a well, then get in touch and get a free, no obligation proposal for your project within 12 hours. Contact us now.


Capital Number_HappinessWe are everywhere. We work across the seven seas. But in the end, we are a close knit of people, who spend a lot of time together making good things happen.

Naturally, when we get to see some negative reviews anonymously posted on sites like glassdoor our first reaction were to believe that these are doings of some unscrupulous competitor. But we obviously never want to take chances as far as the well being of our team is concerned, so we promptly conducted a survey to assess what the general feeling around the company is like at the moment.

It was a welcome exercise, and more than 80% of us were able to participate in it.

The questions revolved around interaction with clients, number of working hours per day, relationship with supervisors, assigned work, and job satisfaction.

Some of the results were pretty obvious, others quite intriguing and revealing!

For example, more than 82% respondents think that they are “perfect match” for the project they have been assigned

Match for Projects

More than 93% think that they are paid slightly-extremely well for the jobs they do

Salary Paid

A staggering 87% are happy-extremely happy with their bosses

Happy with Bosses

Also thankfully, more than the majority feel that they have just the right amount of pressure and rarely need to work for more than 8 hours a day.

When asked about the room for improvement, there were several personal insights from our team members, and most of them have been taken under advisement. It was heartening to see that people had several ideas of how they can improve the working conditions for a better output, they were also pretty aware of what they want from the company that makes them happy.

Our HR Department particularly is very happy with the survey, and when asked about how they feel about it, they said “We are an extremely employee focused company and want to create a healthy and happy work environment. This survey validates our feeling that we have been able to offer growth oriented, stress free work environment to our employees”

The results of our survey almost negate the reviews that prompted it. We can safely ignore them now. Apart from its prime agenda, the survey has given us a very valuable insight into how our employees see and feel about the company. We are looking forward to work on the results, and would be happy to conduct another survey in sometime after we are done introducing reforms as per the results.

Capital Numbers is an award winning team with more than 275+ highly qualified and dedicated In-House Staff. We provide remote staffing for all your digital, web, mobile and SEO needs. Visit http://www.capitalnumbers.com/ to know more.


It was THE 31st! The very last day to shrug off all the blues and put on the war mask to fight more gracefully and harder in 2016, the very last day to cherish and appreciate the best we have lived in 2015. The way we spend 31st sets the mood for the year to come and we at Capital Numbers decided that there is no better way than indulging in things we love most – technology, art and spending time with our team!

We planned an activity and called it the Pagla Photoshoot. We decided to do this crazy photo shoot outdoors with the theme of Star Wars and Inside Out. We can safely say that all of us are movie fanatics and for such a diverse set of people the choice of movies was surprisingly unanimous. We like the rest of the word, were bitten by the Star Wars bug too and as people who appreciate good animation, for us Inside Out stood out in 2015. What made us enjoy the activity even more was that the movies besides having some of the best visual effects we have seen in a while, explored a range of emotions, emotions that make us human.

Here’s what some of our team members have to share about the day:

While finishing my daily chores before coming to office I thought we must not let this year bid us adieu just like that, instead we should have a blast while enjoying the last rays of the sun. The quick acceptance of my crazy fun photo-shoot idea proves that everybody loves to enjoy the 31st and I am everybody got their quota of madness and craziness filled that day. I super love the Star Wars series so it was hell of a fun to pose with Star Wars as a theme and get clicked by our favourite Photographer Soutrik Sengupta.

– Vijaya Das

It has been an awesome experience for me where I had to shoot outdoors (for the first time!) based on the concept designed primarily by Vijaya and finally executing by posting it on social media, thus welcoming New Year 2016 in a creative way. Cheers to the entire TEAM CN.

-Soutrik Sengupta

I was so happy after the photo shoot that I described it in detail to all my friends and felt so proud being part of this organization. We all, irrespective of the designation/experience/age, have that ability to work and find enough time for our recreation. And to have this, the authorities are with us, always.

– Prtitheema Dutta

It was New Year’s eve and I had enjoyed a lot with the team.I personally think, we need this type of refreshment activity in our daily work life. The ultimate outcome of this photo shoot was even more beautiful, the very very creative art works. Thank you Vijaya and the team for arranging this!

– Sourav Mondal

The photo-shoot was reminder for us not to be unhappy that the old year has gone…it has made place for the new where we can fulfil all our unfinished tasks. Cheers to 2016!!

– Malay Gupta

It was an awesome event. I’ve enjoyed it from the core of my heart. Can only say “Cheers” to our “Pagalpanti shoot”.

-Tirthankar Basu

We , the CNits had gone crazy at 31st Dec! It was a sudden decision, to shoot photographs and welcome 2016 in our own way. We all agreed that the theme should be of INSIDE OUT & STAR WARS & we posed like the characters of those films. I posed as YODA from star wars & My God it was awesome & so much fun!

– Poulomi Ghosh

I am used to perform in stage shows. But I had never acted in this type of model photography. The concept is very good, all the moods of 2015 in a single frame. I am thankful to my team for selecting me to be a part of this photoshoot.

-Utpal Ghosh

For me ‘The pagla Photoshoot’ experience was awesome. I really loved all the madness created by us and we had a wonderful last day celebration of 2k15. Happy New year to all of you!

– Saikat Samanta

During my two years in the CN family I had never been so excited to celebrate the 31st afternoon! Generally I would like to stay far away from camera for my super photogenic face and extra smart appearance, as you know 😉 But that day I decided to stand in front of the camera as that would have been my first published photo throughout the year!

Anyway, jokes apart, I am really fortunate to be a member of CN. I love to work here just because I can enjoy interesting events throughout the year. I believe we can have more fun this year and I will definitely try to propose more concepts for fun in our work. Love CN!

-Deepra Bhattacharya

For me the “Pagla Photoshoot” experience was “FANTABULOUS”. No wait a minute… It was “MIRINDA-BULOUS” :D.. The idea of ‘Getting out of same boring life and get some Madness’ is just “FATAFATI”… Because “Pagalpanti bhi….. Jarurri hay….”.

-Satyaki Chakroborty

What started out as a random call for a photo-shoot on the last day of the year turned out to be one of the best memories that we have made with our team members! We hope to create more of such moments this year, so that days like these inspire us to bring out the best in each other!


AWSome day India

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”

― Socrates

On AWSome Day India, we walked into at Hyatt, waiting to absorb everything regarding AWS Cloud, learn more about AWS Core and application services and learn from AWS Experts present at the venue.

* *

So what was the day like at the AWSome Day, Kolkata?

The first half of the event was all about AWS, why Software Development Companies can use them and their various pricing models. Post lunch-break, the team from AWS started discussing about each of their S3 services and their pricing models. The discussion was not too much technical; user-friendly parlance was used so that the session stays audience-friendly.

Quiz followed the completion of each session which again led to a concentrated participation from the audience. A tweet-to-win contest was also on which created a good vibe among the participants to join the conversation (and also win something).

It has been a priority for all companies working on SAAS-based models use services like AWS and apparently, AWS is one of the best.

Overall, it has been a fantastic experience attending the AWSome Day event at Hyatt.

Let’s hear out from the team itself who had gone to attend the event:

Pushpal Mazumder

Pushpal“During the training session, AWS trainers shared information about various AWS services available and brief description about their usage and pricing models. There was an interactive session also after the training where the AWS team tried to answer all the questions asked by attendees. Though I am already using and have knowledge of various AWS services, however during this training session I learnt about few newly launched AWS web services. Overall the training session was very useful.”


Sourav Mondol

Sourav“It was an AWSome day 🙂

Awesome learning and Awesome food. 😀
I was already familiar with most of the services, but as Pushpal, our Service Delivery Head said, I came to know about few more features they have recently launched and that was very helpful. They had also provided a printout copy of AWS guide.That is a good thing for future reference and help.”


Arghya Ghosh

Arghya“Yeah the training was helpful to understand why AWS is here and why people are/should be tending towards cloud. The power of AWS services were explained and ofcourse few new services were introduced which I never worked with before.

But yeah, (it) would be more awesome if we would have got some more detail specially using the management console. Hope you to see that in next training. Overall the experience was okay.”


Anindya Kumar Moitra

“It was a good experience with AWS.  I found some nice features they provide for newly lunched services. Overall it was nice experience.”


Mayukh Chakraborty

Mayukh“AWSome Day was really awesome. Had great time while exploring various services and got in-depth knowledge on their services. Presentation was good. Overall, we had a great experience.”


* *

All we can say now is a big Thank-You to Amazon Web Services team for inviting us over.

Durga Pujo is the biggest celebration in Bengal. Bengalis from all over the world anxiously wait for these 4 days of the year, when they can deck up in new clothes, hop from one pandal to another and gorge on mouthwatering delicacies.

To welcome the festivities, a week-long event was organized at Capital Numbers from October 12 through October 16 and October 19.

The week-long event started on Mahalaya, October 12 with an ethnic wear contest. Ladies draped in sarees, dazzled the floor, while men reflected pure ethnicity in kurta and pajama. The jury had a fun time choosing the winners – Sutapa Roy Nandi, Best Ethnic Wear Female and Sk. Ismail, Best Ethnic Wear Male.

The entire office was divided into 6 teams on Tuesday, October 13. Each of the teams decorated their respective floors based on Durga Pujo theme. Each of the floors exploded with creativity – sparkling lights, vibrant colors, a fusion of modern and age old art. The extravaganza unfolded as the jury strolled from one floor to another.

“We have a tough time choosing the winners. We debated a lot and never came to a conclusion. Then we opted voting method. Finally the floor that had the maximum number of votes from the juries, won”, added Mukul Gupta, Managing Director, Capital Numbers.

Ground floor with the theme Padma – the truth was declared winner and Second floor with the theme Chakra – the commander came 1st Runner-up.

A tech quiz was organized on Wednesday, October 14. 4 teams, each from SEO, Design, Development and Mobile took part in the quiz competition. There were several rounds ranging from pure tech questions to identifying the logos, CNites choice and finally some based on Durga Puja – the quiz was a huge fun. The development scored the highest to become winners.

Celebration in Bengal remains incomplete without writing some verses or capturing some great shots. Knowing the fact that there are several great writers, poets and photographers in CN, a writing and photography contest was organized to unleash creativity on Thursday, October 15.

“We received overwhelming participation. It was very difficult on my part to choose one from so many talented writers”, said Anindya Mukherjee, Director-Operations, Capital Numbers.

A click by Sourav Mondal - Winner of photography contest

A click by Sourav Mondal – Winner of photography contest

While the writing contest was judged by Anindya, the the photography contest was judged by Rajesh Bhattacharjee, a photographer of well repute.

Ranita Mondal and Sourav Mondal held the winning positions for writing and photography contests respectively.

The prize distribution ceremony was held on Friday and Monday (October 16 and 19) in presence of Mukul Gupta. The ceremony was conducted by Vipul Gupta, Director Finance, Capital Numbers.

Capital Numbers conducted a typography design contest on May 23, 2015. The design professionals of the organization took part in the contest with much zeal.

The participants could choose from any of the following topics and submit their design:

  • “Never ever design for yourself!”
  • “Design= Problem + People + Goals”
  • “Turning your dream into reality is what we do. But it all begins with your ideas.”
  • “Good design is good business.”
  • “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

The winners were announced on July 1, 2015.  Priyaka Deb, who recently held the winning position for Envato Wallpaper Design Contest, secured the first position. Followed by her, Sanchari Adhikary was declared second and Prantika Chakraborty third.

Anindya Mukherjee, Director of Operations – Capital Numbers, bestowed the winners with certificates and special gifts. At the occasion Mr. Mukhejeer, more popularly known as the design guru stated, “we should have more such design contests within the organization and also encourage the design team to take part in external design contests like Envato and Smashing Magazine. This will help us showcase our creativity and design skills”.

Priyaka Deb receiving 1st Prize from Anindya Mukherjee

Priyaka Deb receiving 1st Prize from Anindya Mukherjee


Sanchari Adhikary receiving 2nd Prize from Anindya Mukherjee

Sanchari Adhikary receiving 2nd Prize from Anindya Mukherjee


Prantika Chakraborty receiving 3rd Prize from Anindya Mukherjee

Prantika Chakraborty receiving 3rd Prize from Anindya Mukherjee

Monday morning blues? Capital Numbers finds an easy solution to keep their employees more energized not only each Monday, but through the week. From 6 days work-week, Capital Numbers goes 5 days work-week.

We have a tendency to think that working for longer hours reap better results. We can achieve more, if we work for more number of days a week. But, that is just a myth. Working for longer hours leave the body and mind of an employee tired. Hence, his/her productivity goes down.

Capital Numbers, found that the real key to success is when an employee feels active while working.

“Working longer can lead to serious negative effects on health, family life, and productivity”, said Mr. Mukul Gupta, Managing – Director Capital Numbers. “A healthy mind and body, help employees to deliver higher quality work. You may say, solely for the health of the employees or to give them enough free time to go out, relax and buy stuff they need to, we have decided to work 5 days a week”, added Mukul, with a smile.

Several studies have shown that working for more than 5 days a week may increase risk of depression, heart attack, and heart disease.

“A low free time also leaves employees with lesser time for good habits like following a health regime or carrying out an hobby, which is necessary to minimize stress”, said Anindya Mukherjee, Director Operations, Capital Numbers.

“We actually get foolish when we work more. The ideal concept is to work hard and party harder. On Monday, when you are at work, you feel fresh and want to put in your best”, said Mukul with a wit.

Envato Market ran a design and creative wallpaper competition for three weeks in the month of June. Thousands of entries were submitted matching the theme of the contest – Urban.

Capital Numbers not only scored the top position in the contest, but several entries got a special mention.

Priyanka Deb, from the design team was declared winner of the contest on Envato’s website.

“Our “Urban” themed wallpaper contest drew to a close this month and amongst the many beautiful and creative entries one particular entry stood out! Many congratulations to Priyanka for very original and creative entry below which is our winner this month! The unique and unusual perspective coupled with distinctive illustration style really caught our eye!”, mentioned Scott, an official author of Envato on the website.

Envato Market is the leading marketplace for images, themes, project files and creative assets.

Designed by Priyanka Deb - Winner of  “Urban” themed wallpaper contest by Evanto Market

Designed by Priyanka Deb – Winner of “Urban” themed wallpaper contest by Evanto Market


Designed by Sanchari Sarkar Adhikary - Special Mention in “Urban” themed wallpaper contest by Evanto Market

Designed by Sanchari Sarkar Adhikary – Special Mention in “Urban” themed wallpaper contest by Evanto Market


Designed by Nirmalya Chatterjee - Special Mention in “Urban” themed wallpaper contest by Evanto Market

Designed by Nirmalya Chatterjee – Special Mention in “Urban” themed wallpaper contest by Evanto Market


Designed by Soutrik Sengupta - Special Mention in “Urban” themed wallpaper contest by Evanto Market

Designed by Soutrik Sengupta – Special Mention in “Urban” themed wallpaper contest by Evanto Market


Designed by Swaraj Sarkar - Special Mention in “Urban” themed wallpaper contest by Evanto Market

Designed by Swaraj Sarkar – Special Mention in “Urban” themed wallpaper contest by Evanto Market

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