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Technology Stack

  • Wordpress iconWordpress
  • HTML iconHTML
  • CSS iconCSS
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The Challenge

Cloud Automation Solutions

The client, Cloud Automation Solutions, requested us to make some changes to their website for a better user experience. Specifically, they wanted the menu on their website changed, and some changes made to their pages.

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  • UI/UX iconUI/UX
  • Front-end iconFront-end Dev
  • Back-end iconBack-end Dev
  • SEO iconSEO

Our solution was to use Wordpress and HTML to make extensive changes, both to the menu and to some of their web pages.

These changes were made with UI/UX in mind. So even though the information on the website is very heavy and technical, most users will be able to reach what they need with a click or two.

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When Cloud Automation Solutions approached us, they mentioned that they wanted a site that would have organized information sections, keep the visitors glued and minimize bounce rates. Our WordPress team instantly brainstormed the best strategies that would help our client meet their business goals.

The team used HTML to make significant revamps in the WordPress site. We used WordPress Mega Menu to custom-design their site so that additional videos, contact details and links could be added in future whenever required. The client was happy with the flexible menu bar that offered cutting-edge design patterns, consistency and an overall aesthetic appeal.

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Mega Menu

The menu changes were extensive. We used Wordpress Mega Menu to extensively customize their menu, so that the client could add explainer videos, links, contact information, and more. This lets viewers get what they need with a glance instead of having to navigate around the entire site.

Page Tabs

Certain pages have tabs added to them. Users can click through each tab to get the information they need, instead of having to scroll down the entire page. This feature is especially helpful for sites that require a lot of reading; it’s more UI/UX friendly so users don’t get fatigued or bored and navigate away.

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