Is the Offshore Outsourcing Venture Working Out for Your Business?
How Outsourcing Will Help Your Business To Grow Faster

There are many companies that think that as soon as a contract is signed, the process of outsourcing is complete. This is not exactly the case, as it is only the beginning of business. There are a lot of things that you need to do after that in order to be successful. If you have chosen to outsource your work, but are having doubts as to how you will be able to manage your work that is done overseas, you will need to be able to manage your offshore outsourcing project with great expertise. If you can manage your project well, you will you be able to see an improvement in the overall productivity. To get the best out of your business, always make sure to follow a well-developed plan from the beginning of the work. In order to decrease the overall cost and increase the overall performance, it is important to follow an effective management strategy. This will not only help you improve your business, but also achieve your outsourcing goals. Your offshore outsourcing venture will only be successful if you are able to manage your risks, improve co-ordination, have good control over the project and decrease the chance of failure of your projects.

If you have already started your offshore outsourcing efforts and want to know whether it is working out or not, here are some signs that will help you to know exactly where you stand and if you are on the path to success.

Sign 1

You have chosen the right partner

The first thing that is required for a successful offshoring, is the relationship between your offshoring partner and you. This is one of the most important things. If you haven’t developed a strong bond between your offshore partner and yourself, it could have a negative impact on your business. You should be able to let your offshore partner know what you want from them, and how you want them to work for your project. The communication between both of you should be easy, clear and understandable. Know your partner well. Are there existing clients happy with their service? Do they already have a good name in the industry? Have they increased their client base? If the answers to all these questions are yes, then you are on the right track.

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Have clear goals and responsibilities

It is important to have clear expectations of what you want from your partnership. It is helpful if you have everything in writing. Plan out how your offshore and onshore team can work together to help your business grow. Give detailed instructions about the roles and responsibilities of each team. Also, as mentioned in the above point, communication is extremely important. It is always good to have an offshoring partner who offers client-centric services and takes care of all your new process opportunities and new concerns. Does your partner have the capability to cope with all the challenges that get in their way? There are many companies out there that find it difficult to do tasks that are outside their normal course of business. Stay away from these types of offshoring companies.

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Co-ordination with your offshore team

In order to have success in your outsourcing venture, you need to have a good and positive professional relationship with your offshore team. If this relationship is not positive or lacks co-ordination, then it’s time that you start looking for a new offshore partner. Always hire your offshore partner in the same way as you hire internally. In the beginning, people saw outsourcing as an order and deliver relationship, but now, things have changed and organizations are looking forward to developing a long-term relationship with their outsourcing partner.  In this way, both your company and your outsourcing partner work together and contribute to the success of your business.

Now that you know all the signs, it will be a lot easier for you to understand if the offshore outsourcing venture is working out for your business or not.

Your business will grow faster only when you divide your time between your core business activities and your non-core business functions with diligence. Today, outsourcing is one of the most sought after options and a top business trend for small and large businesses alike. Over the past decade, the growing amount of outsourcing work have made it a tried-and-tested model and is widely accepted as a long term strategy for success. If you are asking yourself the following questions then its time for you to outsource a part of your work:

  • Are we able to keep our spending low?
  • Do we have the right resources to work on cutting edge technologies?
  • Do I have the budget to hire the right resources for a new project?
  • Is there a more agile, more effective method to handle processes?
  • Does our company have the right player with operational expertise to do a task assigned?

Why outsourcing is essential for your business growth? A study on few companies sites the following reasons for outsourcing work:

Controlling Operational Costs
Hire the right resources for your company at competitive cost from countries like India. The processes you outsource will be delivered at a much lower cost than hiring resources from US. This will help you to do major cost savings for your business. You further end up saving your revenues on operations like administration, HR, payroll and overall employee overhead cost.

Lower Investment on Infrastructure
No investment on new infrastructure as you are not hiring any resources at your office location. There is a drastic cost cutting on expensive infrastructural requisites like laptops or desktops, licensed software, work desks, internet connections, IT systems, office rent, electricity and so on. These can turn out to be huge investments to companies when the team grows.

More Focus to Your Core Business Functions
By outsourcing parts of your project process, you can put more focus on your core business and use your internal resources for more critical activities of the organization. By outsourcing your work such as converting a PSD file to HTML, designing and developing your ecommerce portal, developing a mobile app for your business or developing a web application using drupal, php, NodeJS and so on, you can focus on more important things like sales.

Get Work Done Using New Technology
You have a project that demands to be completed using new technologies and none in your organization have the know-how of it. Outsource it to a company who has the efficiency to handle the project successfully. The project will be of higher quality, completed in lesser time and at a lower cost.

Avoid Downturn of Work During Holiday Seasons
You have a project to deliver and half of your employees are on a leave during the holiday season. You might have faced this many times. By outsourcing your work to a remote hiring company you can avoid such disasters. There will be no seasonal fluctuation of work and your projects will be dealt with full commitment.

No More Talent Shortage
Outsourcing work to a remote hiring company brings an end to the talent shortage that you may be facing. Currently countries like UK and US are are going through an increased demand for right skills. Hence hiring skilled professionals on contractual basis from countries like India can reduce your problem to a large extent.

Today most organizations are outsourcing their overflow of work to companies that offer remote hiring services. Time and again outsourcing has been proven as the most effective way to reduce operational cost and get higher quality work. Further you get an access to work with highly qualified and experienced professionals.

Now that we discussed the advantages of outsourcing, we will talk about the difference between hiring a freelancer and partnering up with a company that offer “Managed Outsourcing Services” in the 2nd part of this post.

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