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24th May 2018 / Capital Numbers / Web Development

The Definitive Guide to BlockChain and Popular Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, blockchain, decentralized ledgers, ICOs and Ethereum. Unless you’ve been following them from the start, these technologies and their use can be difficult to grasp. For example, you probably know that Ethereum and Bitcoin are cryptocurrencies, traded online. But there’s much more to them than that – … Read Full Article

13th Mar 2018 / Capital Numbers / Web Development

“Bella” is the First AI-Enabled “Stop Smoking” Coach We just finished a groundbreaking project. By encapsulating a chatbot within an iOS app, we created an AI-based digital coach to help people stop smoking. Named “Bella”, this chatbot helps users break their addiction to cigarettes by simulating human interaction. It uses advanced, microsoft-powered AI to have … Read Full Article

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