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It is a challenging job to identify the right qualified mobile app developers for any firm. In the age of ‘surf-on-the-go’, more and more people are choosing to go mobile over PCs and Laptops. Tablets and Smartphones are slated to completely take over communication and internet surfing by 2020, and a large part of that has already begun. So, it’s not surprising that more and more companies are trying to devise mobile applications for the sake of dispatching their products and services more easily to consumers. Consequently, the market for mobile app developers has boomed and is continuing to boom like never before.   A few things need to be kept in mind during the hiring process:

Agility Is a Key Quality:
Mobile apps require monthly or even bi-weekly updates, depending upon customer reviews and demands. These changes could be on any platform; alpha, beta, prototype or release. Various methodologies and technologies should be used in order to maintain continuity throughout the ever-changing forms and formats.  They do this without spending too much time and resources to suit the varying priorities.

Frameworks or Custom Solutions:
It is important to check whether the app developer you are hiring works within an established framework of solutions, or whether they are leaning more towards custom solutions. Once you identify the approach the developer belongs to, you can move to correct the flaws in the structure/method the developer is following. Customized solutions are easier to fix, but they take a lot of time. On the other hand, structural flaws within a framework are hard to identify and/or correct.

Clear Code and Architecture Is a Must:
The developer(s) should make use of certain architectural patterns and code-writing rules so that an app can be sustainably developed and maintained for a very long period. Unless these things are done, every single app would quickly become dysfunctional and would hence, need to be rebuilt from scratch.

Autonomous or Group Functioning?
There are two kinds of developers: One would simply take your order and develop an app for you (without actually joining your company),  the other (group functioning) would join you as an employee and follow your exclusive directions and preferences. The previous one would be of high quality, but would definitely be less likely to be flexible to your every demand and whim; while the latter’s work can be moulded in any way one wanted.

They Should Have the Skills for Cross-platform Development:
It’s really not enough that the developer is skilled in creating applications for only one platform. If they were to claim the correct market value, then they would be able to develop them for a wide variety of operating systems (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Lynx) and devices (mobiles, tablets, and laptops).

The people you’re hiring should have User Experience and User Interface abilities because in today’s age, it is important that the applications that are created are easy to download. The outline of the app is also important in order for it to be presentable for potential customers. Developers hired should have a good command over the languages of PHP, Java, Python, C#, Objective-C and HTML5. They should also be efficient with runtime engines such as Adobe Flash Lite. It is especially useful if they happen to possess Objective-C view controller writing skills.

Last, but not least, the developer should be able to put themselves in the shoes of their clients and think from their point of view. They should be easy to communicate with, easy to reach and interact with in real time (if you’re utilizing the option of outsourcing to an autonomous company) and should have strong ethics.

Last Sunday around 75 people from Capital Numbers participated in the charity run, thanks to Airtel for organizing “Run for Education” and initiating the noble cause.

More than 5000 participants took part in this fun run of 5 KM, 10 KM, and 21 KM respectively. Like previous years, registration process remained the same for each candidate. The entire money collected through this charity event would be utilized for the education of the underprivileged children.

Capital Numbers took part in 5 KM run with their own customized T-Shirts. The marathon started at 7.30 in the morning  from City Center and everyone looked pumped up to complete their run.

“We have been participating for the last 3 years. We are glad to be part of this noble cause. We believe, together we can eradicate illiteracy and help the needy shine in life. We understand the value of education which is the very basis of a great nation.” said much enthusiastic Mukul Gupta, Managing Director of Capital Numbers.

“Nothing can be more gratifying than running for education.Education is every child’s right. It feels really great to do a bit for giving education to young underprivileged children.We are very glad that our charity run has been a great success so far.” said Pushpal Mazumdar, Solution Manager, Open Source.



If you’re looking to hire a remote developer, it’s important to get the person best suited for the job. There are a number of skills that will make a good developer into a great one, so be on the lookout for competence in the particular areas of their work.

1. Past Experience

Great remote developers have practice working with standard programs and coding languages from working with other companies. Knowing the ins and outs of how the position works is fantastic for other businesses that are interested in hiring them. Understanding the latest programming languages is essential for remote developers since not every company is using the same infrastructure. Not being able to come into the office on a regular basis demands that they have a certain level of expertise with the programs necessary to complete the task at hand. It doesn’t mean that the developer doesn’t require any training at all, though; they’re still going to need to know how the company wants them to do the job, but they’ll at least already have the technical know-how to get it done.

2. Outstanding Communication Prowess

Working remotely means keeping in constant contact with superiors throughout an entire project. This means letting the boss know about bugs and the overall status of the project at hand. Having at least 3 different ways of regular communication (i.e. Skype, phone number, IM,etc) is key to keeping everyone involved on the same page as quickly and efficiently as possible. It’s not exactly easy, but it’s necessary for keeping the ship sailing smoothly (even if the people keeping it afloat aren’t even in the same state).
A noteworthy developer will keep careful notes of how the project is coming along and report to their boss regularly with the stats. Staying organized and on top of everything they need to have done will help prioritize what needs to get done first and will help the employer to see how they’re working at a glance. Notifying them when a milestone or goal will not be reached in time is also a must-have attribute. The team that is hiring the developer is trusting them to get their contracted work completed, so the developer needs to be trustworthy and open about the work they’re doing and the speed bumps they’ve run into.

3. A Great Work Attitude

Being able to work remotely is a relatively new concept, but comes with so many benefits that conventional employees don’t get. Exceptional developers ought to be thankful for the level of freedom their position allows them to have like working wherever they find is best for them and choosing their hours. An outstanding attitude towards their work and the people they get to work for should stem from an appreciation for this radical new way of working.
Their clients should benefit from this approach. The developer should take the time to learn about the company and its brand to familiarize what makes them unique and a worthwhile client to work for. This research will help the developer to understand why what they will be doing is going to help the brand succeed in the best way possible. Getting excited about what kind of impact they’re going to have will provide them with the drive to do the best job they can.

4. Creative Solutions to Unique Problems

When a problem arises as a remote worker, they won’t have anyone to immediately consult how to fix it. Yes, they could email the client about how they ought to go about fixing the issue, but it could take a long time for them to respond. This isn’t a great solution since the developer could be working outside the normal business hours and the problem may need their immediate attention. Experienced remote workers will take this in stride and come up with a unique solution without ever having to contact their employer. They still need to let them know what had to happen to fix the issue, but that’s a minor concern compared to what could have happened.

Even if the employer is not satisfied with the solution they come up with, it could be considered a temporary fix before a better one can be implemented later. At the very least, a possible catastrophe was avoided thanks to their intuition and expertise. What could have been a monumental breakdown due to buggy code was averted thanks to your developer’s quick thinking.
These are just a few of the qualities of an outstanding remote developer. Whether you want someone like this on your team or are a developer yourself, these traits will make working as and hiring a remote employee a bit more stress-free for everyone.


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“Chat apps will come to be thought of as the new browsers; bots will be the new websites. This is the beginning of a new internet.”

Ted Livingston, founder and CEO of Kik made this ambitious claim in his medium post The Future of Chat Isn’t AI where he talks about the possibilities that a bot-revolution will bring and the very visible trend of conversational commerce.


Source: Medium

We have spoken about businesses forming contextual, convenient and deeper engagements with customers through conversational commerce as well.

So when Facebook launched their Messenger Platform (beta) for Facebook Messenger at the F8 Conference, we could not help but delve right into the kind of opportunities that it brings for content distribution and engagement.


Source: Techcrunch

Here are some numbers from Messenger that make us more excited about the potential of chatbots helping businesses in reaching more customers

* Over 900 million active users
* Over 60 billion messages daily (between Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp)
* Over 15 million businesses on Facebook Messenger
* More than one billion messages are sent to businesses each month
* Fastest growing app in the U.S.
* Second Top App on iOS (globally behind Facebook)

Now how do we harness these bots for the benefit of the brands? According Adam Hirsch, Edelman Digital Global, we exploit the following 3 key social consumers’ experiences:

air bnb

Source: Medium

* Content consumption (informational and entertainment)
* Customer service
* Productivity (including shopping experiences)

From instant and personalized customer service response to lead generation, the possibilities are numerous, like everything in marketing; it all depends on how creative you can be with programming the bots, and how accurate they are with driving the conversations.

As for the scope of these bots in the long run, and if they would find takers in the mass, let’s leave you with saying right from the horse’s mouth

“I’ve never met anyone who likes calling a business, and no one wants to have to install a new app for every service or business they want to interact with,” Zuckerberg

There is a maze of solutions and options available if you are building out an online store. You need options that meet your business requirements and fit your budget.

At Capital Numbers, we are able to implement a range of ecommerce packages, ecommerce software and shopping cart systems that provide you with the best value for your investment.

To know how we plan to use the chat-bots to your benefit too, contact us at http://www.capitalnumbers.com/contact_us.php


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