Capital Numbers 2016 Paypal Record Caps The Year On A High Note
Trying to increase your brand’s online visibility? Here are some quick tips
The Truth About Capital Numbers Fake Reviews – A Motivated Smear Campaign

A company’s greatest asset is its goodwill which stems from honesty and ethical trade practice. No matter how great its advertising techniques are, its business and reputation will fall completely flat should its target users report a less-than-favorable experience as far as ethics and honesty are concerned. This is where, we, at Capital Numbers, have really excelled. Our solid work ethics have made us one of the top outsourcing destinations for leading IT companies around the world.  We are pleased to announce that Capital Number’s PayPal record for this year is spotless and positively confidence-inspiring. Before we’re able to advance to this point, there is a list of things that need to be cleared at the outset. For example, what are the parameters which can be used to check the record or performance of a company online?

With the fast growth of a huge number of online e-wallet services all around the world, it has become extremely easy to track the online business practices of a company and the ethics followed by them. Presently, PayPal is the most-used e-wallet throughout the world. They have a business structure devoted to preventing user fraud and improving the member experience. All complaints from users are recorded meticulously. If a particular organization is receiving too many complaints from users, then it is put on the blacklist.

Their buyer protection policy is is a reflection of that service. If a customer makes a purchase online and receives a product that is different from the one specified or advertised (by the company), then the buyer has a period of 180 days in which they can file a complaint with PayPal authorities. During that time, if a PayPal investigation finds that the order delivered doesn’t match the description written by the seller, then the buyer would receive a full refund for the purchase made.

Blacklisting of sellers is done for several other counts such as: Buyer complaints, Disputes (from the buyer’s end or from a competitor), PayPal inquiry (this shows whether a company ever had a PayPal inquiry logged against it), Spoof (impersonating another company), Chargeback (having to reimburse a buyer who didn’t receive their order or was victim to unauthorized transactions done in their name) and Bank Reversals (when PayPal receives requests to refund an amount which was paid directly from a bank account due to fraud or wrong delivery).

Let’s take a look at the figures for the 2016 PayPal report on transactions done with us via the aforementioned e-wallet. All the figures listed below show the percentage of actions reported or steps taken against Capital Numbers, under each head.

As the percentage figures listed in the above image prove, other than a negligible percentage for refunds and disputes, there has been absolutely no issue with online transactions and payments made to Capital Numbers through PayPal. As we all know, some level of refunds can be expected for a healthy and successful business.  These figures are proof that we stand by our stated and declared guarantee of a 100% refund in cases of client dissatisfaction. The other five categories, Buyer Complaints, PayPal Inquiry, Spoof, Chargeback and Bank Reversal,  percentage figures are all at zero percent. It’s safe to say that Capital Numbers has proven to be a reliable and respected business organization. An organization which has never been involved in any fraud or malpractice throughout its lifetime.The statistics from 2016 further demonstrate our excellent company values.

“This is proof that our number one value and pride is you, our customer! Thank you for allowing us to contribute to your success!”  – Michael Krause, VP of Customer Success

Capital Number_Blog_BrandVisibility

We are in a connected-world where multi-screen audience is a reality. We cannot shy away from that. Also, we cannot deny the fact that most today go to a brand’s Facebook page before anywhere else. A thorough customer will also try and gather more information from the other digital assets of a brand.

Under such circumstances, it is always advisable that a brand starts working on an exhaustive online presence that speaks volumes about the brand, but without spending extra money. However, we do understand the fact that online brand building is still an unknown territory to most; here is a quick set of tips that will set you rolling.


One of the best options to attain a better online visibility, this is a sure hit when it comes to reaching out consumers looking out for your brand. If there are people are entering keywords like “best sunscreen lotion for India travel”, you should make sure, that you the sunscreen brand are there in the search results.

Adhere to your keywords, your competitors’ keywords for a better traffic. Also, page load-speed is a factor which has been openly admitted by Google and other search engines that contributes to SEO in a positive way.

Last, link building is an important process in this scheme of things. Inbound traffic gets generated in a way that boosts the page, brings it up further up the search rankings and intrigues the visitors with relevant knowledge and insights.

Last, having a responsive site is of paramount importance these days. We should all start thinking from the mobile device now, rather than starting from the desktop POV.


In this age of clutter, there is nothing compared to paid marketing which helps a brand rise above the clutter and get noticed too. Imagine every time your brand gets mentioned at the top when the audience is looking for your industry / related services. Imagine the kind of traffic that would generate.

You can employ a simple text-based ad to test the waters.

You can slowly move towards display ads where there are more options on the table regarding telling the right story. Here is a list of effective banner sizes:

– 300 X 250

– 160 X 600

– 120 X 600

– 728 X 90

– 468 X 60

Banner ads provide an attractive proposition given the fact they are economically viable and grab eyeballs too.

Social Media

And then, the holy grail of all is here!

Reach out to your audience, reach out to your competitors, connect, communicate, social media presence gives the brand a much needed overhaul in whatever aspect the brand wants. These days, brands are selling via social media, building their brand via social media and definitely serving customers through social media.

Banks, for example, have taken the social media exercise to the next level, serving customers through twitter even.

Add the advertising facility to this, and you have truly, non-intrusive, highly specific form of reaching out to your target audience. Data shows desktop ads have 8.1x higher CTR than traditional web ads. Mobile ads score even higher; 9.1x compared to traditional web ads.

Social Media has helped brands reach beyond the regular brand-loyalists. If you or your brand are not yet on any of the social media platforms, your time is now!

Online PR

Who would not like free coverage and the chance to go viral in this digital age? All the brands are effectively utilising the power of digital publication and leveraging free word-of-mouth through clever content, interesting partnerships and content syndication.

Online press releases always have further options of embedding multimedia elements like videos, pictures and much more.

What Disney did with Star Wars last year is an example in itself on the domain of online PR.

It is time your brand leverages the same too.

Content Marketing

Finally, content is still the king (and context is the queen). Online media has a host of options regarding content:

– Blog posts

– Expert articles

– Resource guides

– eBooks

– infoGs

– DIY / How-To guidelines

– Curated Lists

– Whitepapers

– Guest Blogging

– Case studies

– Memes and other shareable

– Slideshares

– Polls and Surveys

– Tutorials

– White boards

– Webinars

– AMAs

– Video marketing

– Interviews & more

With so many content format options, a brand can really invest in knowing its audience and create relevant content as per the audience taste and preference.

Apart from these 5 techniques on how to score brownie points regarding a brand’s online visibility, one can also invest in maintaining its presence in local online directories, and also create a website that really value-adds to a customer’s online journey.

You can offer something for free that you could have otherwise charged.

How is your brand faring on the online domain? Share your experiences with us by commenting below.

Capital Numbers is a 3 year old start-up based out of Kolkata, Chennai, US and Australia focusing on Digital Production Outsourcing for Agencies and Brands. We are one of the “Top 10 Promising Start-ups” in CII Industrial Innovations Awards 2015 organized by CII and Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Govt. of India.

Last year too, we were awarded “SME Start-up of the Year” by The Telegraph at INFOCOM. We are a young company with a workforce of about 275 people based out of Kolkata, Chennai, US and Australia.

Naturally, this has not gone down too well with our competitors and we have started to see a deliberate attempt by some unscrupulous people to malign our name by posting fake reviews about us across multiple websites.

A few such examples can be seen at –

Fake Review 1

Fake Review 2

Fake Review 3

Fake Review 4

All these complaints have been posted within 1 week, starting December 7th 2015 and we have responded to each of these complaints online and asked for more information and have received no response.

We do not know of anyone named Stuart Clark, Patrick P, Keith Harley or, Somnath Chowdhury which are the names being used by these guys. We believe that this is a competitor who is systematically trying to destroy our business by consistently harassing us and leaving us negative feedback online about our business. These people have never been our customer or employee, and are out to defame our business.

What’s Next?

We have filed an official police complaint with the Cyber Crime division and we will try and get their help to identify the culprit.

As a Current or Prospective Client or Employee, we urge you to ignore this and if you have any doubts then please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly by emailing us at md@capitalnumbers.com.

Capital Numbers and CN family have worked hard since 2012. It has not been an easy journey, challenges often overshadowing the moments of success. However, we believe in the phrase “Fall down seven times, Stand up eight” and have decided to stand up once again against this fabricated hate campaign propped up against us.

How You can Help?

First of all, please recognize and ignore a fake review when you see one. If you are an existing client or an employee, we would also encourage you to please post positive reviews about the company where you can.

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Recognizing the need and urgency of quickly coordinating the efforts of all concerned stakeholders in the field of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India notified the formation of the Department of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship on 31st July, 2014 which subsequently led to the creation of the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship on 10th Nov, 2014.

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