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The year of 2017 has brought forth a host of new promises and hopes. And just like it marks a new beginning for the world and the lives of people who inhabit it, it also heralds a new beginning for the marketing, advertising, and market research industry. For every year, it is essential to note down in a list the various marketing events, such as SEO, digital marketing and tech conferences, from around the world. Below is a list of the various international conferences and events that are an absolute must-visit this year. They are as follows:

HeroConf: This one is by far the only dedicated and paid media conference in the United Kingdom. This place has the greatest quality speakers and the greatest presenters. Here, both speakers and presenters are of the highest quality. Regardless of whether you’re a novice or a veteran, you can glean useful information from it. Date: 24-26th Oct. Venue: London.

BrightonSEO: This is to be held on April 7th and the 15th of September. As the name suggests, it is to take place in Brighton. In this event, talks are offered on a huge variety of subjects by speakers. Every year, speakers are brought in from a variety of fields that fall within the ambit of digital marketing.

Unbounce—the Call to Action: This conference addresses the issue of attracting traffic to a website and converting the leads from the traffic into actual customers. To be held in Vancouver from 25-27th of June.

SMX Munich: Its content quality is extremely good, and it attracts a tremendous volume of visitors. It is mainly focussed on covering a huge range of search topics. This is scheduled in Munich on March 14th-15th.  

SEOkomm: To be held in Salzburg in the month of November, this one is a single-day conference which is singularly focused on SEO. It is among those conferences which offer the most advanced tracks and content in the world. The great networking possibilities are an additional bonus.

SEO-Day: SEO Day is presently the second largest show in Germany. There are three parallel tracks here, such as the “expert day”.  This event is held in Cologne on October 19th, is a must-attend.

Local Strategy: Mobility is the chief feature of the technology employed for handheld or ‘mobile’ devices. As per the information provided by Google, people usually look for commercial businesses which are near them, (which has necessitated the ‘near me’ mechanism for local search). For this reason, it is imperative that local businesses are run with this target in mind. It is with this target that the Local Strategy event was held on January 28th of this year in Bologna.

AdWorld Experience: Held in Bologna just like SEO-Day (but on the 13th-14th April) Adworld Experience is held in the month of April.  Specializing in the field of paid marketing campaigns, the best speakers are brought in by the organizers every year. Every year, planning for the next session is started after one session ends. Workshops which are run on the first day are entirely worth the prices offered.  Afterward, videos of all the sessions are provided to the attendees, which means that the ROI (Return on Investment) would be increased on the educational budgets of agencies.

Web Marketing Festival: This is one of the most vital industry events in Italy and is held in the city of Rimini. To be held on the 23rd and 24th of April, it attracts over 3000 participants every year. There are about ten parallel tracks held here, on each of which over 100 speakers hold speeches. Apart from high-level sessions on the subject of digital marketing, you also get tremendous opportunities to network.

ClinicSEO: This event is mainly organized in Barcelona, Spain on the 27th of October. This event is geared to give you a better understanding of the way that professionals work. This event is completely held in isolation and is part of a broader expo.

SEOnthebeach: This conference has an informal atmosphere. Held in La Manga del mar Menor in Spain, it attracts talented professionals who share the greatest practices, strategies, and knowledge for two days. This event also provides great opportunities for networking. This is to be held on the 23rd and 24th of June.

QueDuWeb: Held in Deauville, France, on April 27th and 28th, this event is basically a series of conferences on subjects ranging from SEO Audit, Digital Strategy to Growth Hacking. Speakers from a variety of fields in digital marketing attend this event.

This list represents just twelve of the innumerable digital marketing conferences and events scheduled to be held this year.   

In the world of business, there are categorically three groups – those that can talk the talk, those that can walk the walk, and relatively few that have the credentials to do both.

We, Capital Numbers, were on the hunt for an opportunity to meet the speakers who can share true professional knowledge and first-hand experience. We always want to belong to the third category and go beyond that regarding agency management and growth.

Attending Agency Growth Summit has often proved fruitful whenever an agency wants to focus on its growth. We, Capital Numbers are going to participate in the Agency Growth Summit 2016 held  in Austin, Texas from 5th December to 6th December. We are delighted and excited.

DigitalMarketer is going to host their first ever partner gathering, providing an exciting opportunity where agents and suppliers can get up to date on crucial issues. This Agency Growth Summit will examine key elements of business growth and strive to find solutions to overcome the most common challenges faced by the agents throughout their development.

This is something we look forward to. We just don’t want to leave with a notebook full of ideas and a whole raft of do’s and don’ts. We believe in implementation. Therefore, we want to tap into fresh growth ideas, attracting more prospects, converting more clients.

We can’t wait for the mastermind sessions, topic tables, and the infamous “Wicked Smaht” contest. We believe it’s not just an event but a workshop where we can meet agents who will share their experience and talk about what processes can be adapted to the growth of the agency.  

We would like to grab the opportunity to have a talk with other members of the network alongside checking out the selection of suppliers exhibiting at the conference. Hopefully, it would be a nice experience.

See you at the Agency Growth Summit 2016.

To know more? Log onto https://www.digitalmarketer.com/lp/agency-growth-summit

CN in Melbourne

CN in Melbourne

We are going to the Connect Expo 2016! Yes, we are! It’s Australia’s most important ICT and emerging tech event, with a series of strategic business conferences (summits), FREE educational seminars, live demos and technology zones…

.. And guess which city is hosting it?

<let Google catch a break, we’ll tell you ourselves because we can’t contain our excitement>





Oh yes!

Apart from preparing our talking points and getting our data sets refreshed, we were also doing a bit of our research about how best to spend our time in Melbourne! We thought we would share them with you.

We found some interesting sites that gave a pretty comprehensive view of how things about there.

Notable one was this:

Play Melbourne

Play Melbourne



Play Melbourne Live is a game Melbourne city and its visitors play every day.
Their ball puts a live Periscope stream in the hands of the people, to tell the most authentic stories of our city.

This is pretty neat use of technology to get the city to people across the world, just as the way local see it!

shia clapping


Assuming the best that you are going to the conference as well, here’s a list of places where we hope to bump into you as well –

The Queen Victoria Markets – Shop till you are full

Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market is much more than the city’s fresh-food shopping mecca – it’s a historic landmark, a tourist attraction and a Melbourne institution. – http://www.thatsmelbourne.com.au/

Melbourne Zoo – Into the wild

Zoo at Melbourne

Zoo at Melbourne

Over 250 species from around the world can be found in the beautifully landscaped settings of Melbourne Zoo, just five minutes from the city centre. – http://www.visitvictoria.com/


Sunbury Wine Region – More wine?

Sunbury Wine Region

Sunbury Wine Region

You’ve barely left Melbourne behind when you find yourself in the Sunbury wine region, exploring vineyards, opening cellar doors and tasting palatable wines. – http://sunburywines.com.au/

Degraves Street – What is this place?

Degraves Street

Degraves Street

Idle the afternoon away by the blue-stone cobbles at a Degraves Street or Centre Place cafe and become part of a Melbourne postcard scene. – http://www.visitvictoria.com/

ACMI – Art, Art Everywhere



As the home of Melbourne’s best and most popular film festivals, great Australian and international cinema and regular screenings for seniors, kids and lovers of cult classics, ACMI presents an unparalleled annual calendar. – http://www.visitmelbourne.com/

Internet’s a funny place and we are sure that some of the Melbourne locals will stumble upon this article. If you are locale, or know a thing about Melbourne and have something to add to this article, please do let us know.

Also, if anyone is interest to talk business over a cup of coffee, do contact us.

Hope to catch you there!

Friday - AroundTheGlobe


Each week, in our segment “Around the Globe”, we curate a list of recent & significant tech updates that have potentially far reaching consequences. This week we are concentrating just on Facebook’s Developer Conference – F8.

We do so because Facebook’s offerings (and we not just talking about the social media platform here) form a large part of our lives. A lot of our interactions, expressions, discoveries and even commerce is being shaped by this tech giant. So it’s only prudent to take good note of the new possibilities that the company promises to usher in.


This year’s sessions featured leaders from across the Facebook umbrella of apps and services. We got to learn about the latest tools and best practices for designing and building an app. They even spoke about new surfaces for discovery and expression and innovative ways to make the world more open and connected. Following are the key takeaways from the conference:

Chat with bots

This may easily be considered as one of the biggest announcements in the conference. Facebook just announced that it will allow businesses to deliver automated, e-commerce guidance, content and interactive experiences through chat bots in Messenger.


As most tech experts believe bots have the capability to replace the toll free numbers and many call centres.  We will talk more about how we can put these bots to effective use in a later blog.

Virtual Reality goes Social

We had known for a while that Facebook is betting high on Virtual Reality with Oculus. But now it promises to change who you spend your time with completely with its “social VR”. Mark Zuckerberg even said that Virtual Reality has the potential to be the most social platform.


Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer stood on stage in front of a live audience in San Francisco, put on one of Facebook’s Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets and “teleported” to London. There, he met up with another Facebook employee, who was actually wearing his own headset at the company’s Menlo Park, Calif., headquarters.

Watch demo here.


New Developer Tools

Facebook is releasing a slew of new developer tools to help people design, develop and monetize their apps. Some of them are

Account Kit: A new plug-in for apps that lets users sign up with their phone number or email address, not just their Facebook login.


Quote Sharing:  Developers can now add a button that automatically pulls a quote, or surface the button when people highlight text so they don’t have to copy and paste.

Customizable Push-In App:  Developers can now run push campaigns to pull people back into their apps, and help them navigate to new content or options while they’re already inside.

Developers get Live

Facebook is giving developers and publishers to see how they can add to the immersive and interactive live video experiences on Facebook. The Live API can seamlessly incorporate Live in a broadcast setup of their choice and also create new ways of interaction. Read official blog here: https://media.fb.com/2016/04/12/introducing-the-facebook-live-api/



Publish Instantly

Facebook will now allow all publishers the provision of Instant Articles. Until the F8 conference, Instant articles were only available to a handful of publishers. These were introduced in May 2015 as lighter versions of articles that open almost instantly. One of the great advantages of these Instant Articles is that, you don’t have to juggle between apps to keep up with your reading.


All in All, F8 was eventful to say the least. Apart from the 5 takeaways that we have highlighted, there were several other announcements that some way or the other will affect our lives. Follow our Twitter handle to be constantly updated with all of that.


Capital Number_StartUpExpo

We are glad to let you know that we have been accepted as an exhibitor at the Start-Up Expo 2016! Hi five!


Our excitement is not just about acing the questionnaire that we were asked to fill out, it’s also about the token number we received after registering, which was 800 – meaning 799 others had already registered before us! That tells you how huge it’s going to be and we cannot wait!

India has long been declared a start up country. There are need gaps in every industry that are being addressed by energetic professionals in the most innovative of ways.

It’s important that all these minds gather under a single umbrella once in a while, inspire each other, draw from each other and understand how the impact of their work cascades into the larger picture.

giphy (2)

The Start-Up Expo is going to bring together an ecosystem that can provide start-ups all the support they need to succeed. It’s going to be one of the biggest exhibitions in NCR to showcase start-ups from all domains.

The opportunity to scout for potential partners and networking with the best in India are obviously attraction to us, we also believe that we could talk about how we digital production outsourcing solving a lot many problems people face while achieving their organizational goals.

We help organisations remove these constraints and help them save about 20% to 40% on Digital Production costs which they can then spend in a bigger distribution of content or, it goes straight to their bottom line.

We believe that our voice is important in a conference that is sheltering all these brilliant minds because we can now tell these guys that they can decouple their production process from everything else and thus become truly strategic and solution agnostic. Our business model makes the talent that is needed available to our clients on demand so that they don’t have to worry about excessive in-house staffing or, getting tied into lengthy contracts. They can get the type of digital production that they need, when they need it.

Anindya Mukherjee – Country Head and Debjit Datta – Head of Mobile Solutions will be our representatives at the expo, and we wish them all the luck with spreading our message further. We hope that our participation in this expo is another step towards us being at the very heart of Indian start-up ecosystem.

We shall definitely keep you posted about all we do and learn at the Expo. To get regular updates, do follow us on Twitter and if you really want to follow us at every step of the way, you can stalk us as well, we don’t mind.

giphy (4)

(JK, turning on your mobile notifications will do)


Blog Post-SXSW

Being able to mark our presence at SXSW 2016 was indeed special for us. As we had mentioned in one of our earlier blogs, our trip to Austin this March was the experience of a lifetime. Standing at the precipice of a diverse ‘little’ connected world, we exchanged ideas with the best, and glimpsed into the future through thousands of keyholes.

To live, LIVE

What got us most excited was the ability to discuss how our work and our organization can help augment shape this digital revolution that we are part of. That’s exactly what our US Country Head, Jason Dodd delivered at his live pitch on Monday, March 14 from 2PM-3PM.

What got people talking

At our booth, we had the opportunity to meet with several brands, business owners and start-ups and talk about potential working areas for the future. We realized that there are some common questions from all that could be easily addressed with a structured one to one session from a live platform. So that’s what Jason did, he delivered this pitch that should essentially clear up all cobwebs in understanding and should get us rolling with potential  future partners.

Here’s a video of his entire pitch <the video has transcripts so you will be able to follow it easily without having to put on your headphones>

The video gives you an overview of our Digital Production Outsourcing Service and will answer the following of your questions:

  1. Who are Capital Numbers?
  2. What Digital Production services do we offer?
  3. How does our “In-Demand Skills, On-Demand” model work?
  4. Why choose Capital Numbers as your Digital Production Outsourcing provider?
  5. What are the different engagement models that we offer for Digital outsourcing?

Sneak Peek

If viewing the video is inconvenient, here’s a peak into what all he discussed:

Capital Numbers offers In-Demand Skills, On-Demand. We have got a team of over 300 Designers, Developers and Digital Marketers who are available exclusively for you on full-time or part-time basis. Unlike Upwork, these guys are our full time in-house employees. So, we are responsible to guide them with technical and creative direction so they provide you with that consistent, high quality output.

Most organisations break Digital into 4 step process i.e. Strategy, Creative, Production and Distribution. Did you know that production costs represent nearly 30% – 50% of any organisations Digital Budget? But that’s not the worst part; a bigger challenge is that agencies cannot become truly strategic in their digital thinking when they are constrained by that “in-house designer who is sitting idle”. Resource constraints or availability often translates to thinking constraints.

Capital Numbers helps organisations to remove these constraints and helps them save about 20% to 40% on Digital Production costs which they can then spend in a bigger distribution of content. Thus we are a Digital Production Outsourcing Company!

We are working with some of the biggest agencies, publishers and start-ups in the world as their partner for Digital Production. We believe that this is huge market, with the US alone spending nearly $600 Bn dollars in Digital this year. Our target markets are highly creative but technically handicapped.

Our business model is innovative because we can now tell these guys that they can decouple the production process from everything else and thus become truly strategic and solution agnostic. These guys would rather not deal with technical stuff and we give them just that – “Digital Production as a Service”.

The main idea of this pitch was to make our methodologies and the driving forces of our organization more clear to our clients and well wishers, and the overwhelming response at SXSW 2016 has encouraged us to stay on course.

If you feel that we can in some or the other way help you achieve your business goals too, then do talk to us at http://www.capitalnumbers.com/

Capital Number_CII Annual Meeting

Eastern India has been historically hailed to be very strongly ingrained with the country’s economic adventures.  In fact as mentioned by economic historian Angus Maddison in his book, The World Economy: A Millennial  Perspective, India  had  the  world’s  largest  economy  till  the  early  17th  century  and  Eastern  India contributed 15% of the world GDP.

But today Eastern India’s contribution if still good is not good enough. It’s 17% despite the demographic dividend, rich mineral reserves, the vast coastline and its close proximity to the East and South East Asian Countries.

Eastern India has a lot of potential to be a headlining writer of India’s growth story. To deliberate on this further the  CII  Eastern  Region organized a conference on  “Building  East:  Driving  Development” coinciding  with  the  Annual  Regional  Meeting  on  17  March  2016  at  Hotel  ITC  Sonar,  Kolkata.

We as an organization connecting Eastern India to the world saw it prudent that we attend the conference to discuss ways of promoting overall development in the region such that the benefits percolate to all sections of the society thereby playing an important role in India’s development story.

Apart from the conference, various other sessions like Good Governance, Taking Business of Entertainment beyond Boundaries etc. were a part of the Annual General Meeting as well. The speakers, some of the most eminent names in this part of the country shared intriguing and unique perspectives.

Some of the notable names at the event were

Mr T V Narendran
Deputy Chairman, CII Eastern Region & Managing Director, Tata Steel Ltd;
Mr Chandrajit Banerjee
Director General, CII;
Mr Ajay Shankar, Chairman
Expert Committee on Ease of Doing Business in India, Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP)Union Ministry of Commerce & Industry;
Mr Sumit Mazumder
President, CII & Chairman & Managing Director, TIL Ltd;
Mr Sumit Dutt Majumder
Former Chairman, Central Board of Excise and Customs;
RAdm A K Verma (Retd)
Chairman, CII Eastern Region & CMD, GRSE Ltd
Dr Saugat Mukherjee
Regional Director, CII Eastern Region


We were honoured to be a part of such an ambitious confluence, we especially enjoyed soaking in the convergence of like minds from various industries; and we liked explaining our leading-edge service model to transform digital production services and how it can help mobilize industries as a whole.

Capital Numbers’ commitment to leading the profession in digital production and digital marketing was recognized last year by CII with its prestigious “Top 10 Promising Startups”. To know more about it, read here

If you are a business house looking to make your mark in Eastern India, bring us your ideas. We can help you achieve your digital production and marketing goals, talk to us at http://www.capitalnumbers.com/

Capital Number_AdtechAUS

We came across this a while back on the ad:tech Australia website


You hardly can ignore such persuasive points, though there was this one lingering question on our mind; how many ad:tech (s) should we attend in a year? It’s pointless thinking about it though, because the answer is and will always be as many as possible. Why? Because you can never know enough, that’s why.

The digital marketing paradigm is taking new leaps every second, and though it seems impossible but the wisest thing to do is to keep up and if possible be a step ahead. Platforms like ad:tech provide you with the opportunity to do that. The exposure to diverse minds from all over the world and enhanced knowledge of global practices always hone your perception to broader prospects.

CNites at the ready

The ad:tech Australia was held at the Hilton Sydney on 15th and 16th of March. This was the 10th year and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have our representatives Neil McNulty, Country Head, Australia and Account Manager Shovan Moullick present at the event.

They entertained a good mix of responses from visitors who were quite intrigued by the variety of services we offer.

Conversations between the soul and the self

Events like these start speaking to you. The moment you set your foot in, you get the drift, now it’s one own choice of whether to anchor or flow along. We generally like to have the best of both worlds and thus engaged in a mixture of both. It was astonishing how some of our perceptions about known methods changed considerably after listening to the best in the field talk about them.

We even had lengthy chats with some about how our services can be better aligned with their organizational goals. Here’s what some people had to say

“Our current employment model needs to change and outsourcing solutions are going to be a big part of it”

“We have a skill shortage right now in the Mobile App space. Capital Numbers offering may be exactly what we need”

Never enough

The list of 10 reasons that the organizers enticed us with to join the event actually get lost in thousand others that we discovered while we attended the conference.

One of the significant features of it was that it was so meticulously designed for the digital marketing mind. Each session we were a part of had ready takeaways that we could start implementing in our next ventures. We are not kidding you when we say that it can easily pass of as the coolest crash course that we have even been a part of.

Two days in Sydney passed away in a blur. So many revisits, myriads of new ideas and such brilliant brains, we realize that not even the year would have been enough. But then again, what really is?

We at Capital Numbers believe in providing you tailor made solutions for your marketing goals, and for that we need to keep ourselves abreast with the best that there is. To know more about what we learnt at ad:tech Australia that could potentially help your business, talk to us at http://www.capitalnumbers.com/

Blog Post

It’s the mid of March, and there’s no place we’d rather be in than Austin. The South by South West (SXSW) starts from this 11th and has us hooked even before we have set foot in the city. You can practically hear the city buzzing with SXSW from anywhere in the world.

It’s as huge as its history

One of the things that make SXSW so special is that it’s huge! Not just the Obamas as Keynote Speakers huge, but huge in number of events and locations as well.

Last year the event had

2,266 Showcasing Artists

233 Panels, Workshops & Sessions

107 Venues & Stages

The excitement is only growing over the years.

This year they already have 72,000 registrations and counting. SXSW’s Director of Tech, Scott Wilcox even teases into the event and says that there’s a lot to look forward to. “This year we expect to produce 6,000 events at 600 distinct locations when you add it all up. A big part of what makes South by Southwest special,” he told TNW.

The SXSW is your oyster

But the size of the festival is not a deterrent at all. In fact it is just indicative of the humongous convergence of global minds. SXSW organizers dub it as premier destination for discovery, and we are excited to do just the same. We are eager to meet likeminded entrepreneurs and exchange our ideas of digital production outsourcing and evolving technologies.

To tap into the opportunities of global networking, we are setting up a booth (Stand 1530) at the festival where we will exhibit ways in which we help organisations save cost and scale up their digital production capabilities cost effectively.

A live wire in the festival

We will be doing a live pitch on Monday, March 14 from 2PM-3PM. It will be done by our US Country Head, Jason Dodd. We are pretty excited to let people know about all the progress we made in the last few years and what how we can help them in their businesses

Legend has it

The legend around the event is just unbelievable. The organizers claim that the event continues to spark new ideas and carve the path for the future of each ever-evolving field, long after the events’ conclusion. We cannot wait to be a part of such history and would like to contribute to the palette as much as possible. Here’s hoping that we make the most of Austin this time around, including catching up on the night life on the 6th Street.

Hope to see you too.


We offer In-Demand Skills, On-Demand.  Our in-house team of over 300 experts consisting of designers, web application developers, mobile app developers and digital marketing experts are available to hire on an hourly basis.

For more details, visit http://www.capitalnumbers.com/

Blog Post

If creativity is the soul of an advertisement, then technology is its wings.

In the last couple of years, we have learnt our lessons. Technology is rapidly changing the way we consume information, and it’s literally turning the Ad World upside down and up again on a daily basis.

As digital marketers, we continuously scamper around to find ground in this very dynamic ecosystem, and conferences like Ad:Tech are the ideal hotspot for new realizations, revelation and future directions.

Inoculating – boosting the digital bug

The digital fever is rampant, yes, but there are still people who are questioning its need and lifespan. Well to say the least, if any of those people attended Ad:Tech 2016, we can be rest assured that they have got the bug too. One of the most prime focus areas of the conference was to promote digital marketing and related technologies among advertisers and it did so beautifully.

Look at the sessions in the conference and you will know how



Big Stage – Giant Players

Like every conference we attend, we had set up a booth at Ad Tech 2016 too. A booth always gives us a tangible platform to share our ideas and engage with the attendees. The response to our booth was overwhelming. We got a chance to speakto several global brands and exchanges our ideas of how we see digital marketing growing in the times to come.

Ad:Tech 2016 was held in New Delhi. Our representatives, Anindya Mukherjee –Director, Operations and Saurabh Dhanuka – Account Manager, Sales and Marketing had flown down to attend it. They were pretty excited about the conferences and we can safely say that they were not disappointed at all. In fact when asked about his experiences in Ad:Tech Saurabh said that it was pretty satisfactory, and went on to add

“I was not expecting such bigger brands to be part of this trade show. We got to interact with some really good brands. It made us understand the need of 360 degree digital marketing for these brands.”

Here are some pictures from their visit

Blog Post-2

Did you attend Ad Tech 2016 as well? If yes share your experiences with us in the comments below!

We at Capital Numbers are constantly looking for newer and more effective ways in which we can digitally channel your marketing goals, visit us at http://www.capitalnumbers.com/digital_marketing.php to know more.

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