6th Apr 2018 / Capital Numbers / Outsourcing

Outsourcing your projects to a highly-skilled remote team can instantly transform your business into a profitable, high-functioning machine that brings you sales and revenue like clockwork. No more going over budget. No more worrying that you can’t compete with the “heavy hitters” in your space. By finding the right outsourcing partner, you become the heavy … Read Full Article

13th Mar 2018 / Capital Numbers / Web Development

“Bella” is the First AI-Enabled “Stop Smoking” Coach We just finished a groundbreaking project. By encapsulating a chatbot within an iOS app, we created an AI-based digital coach to help people stop smoking. Named “Bella”, this chatbot helps users break their addiction to cigarettes by simulating human interaction. It uses advanced, microsoft-powered AI to have … Read Full Article

12th Mar 2018 / Capital Numbers / CN Initiatives

We’re honored to work with many talented, driven women who greatly contribute to the success of Capital Numbers. Although it isn’t always easy to be a woman in tech, many of our project managers, tech leads, developer, and HR managers are women…and they are nothing short of inspiring. In honor of International Women’s day, we … Read Full Article

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