27th Aug 2015 / admin / Remote Hiring

For every entrepreneur, time is most precious and valuable asset. Every moment needs to be calculated and utilized in an optimum way to get the most out of it. Spending more time on developing the core business, is what an entrepreneur needs to do. Proper time management can either make or break a business. But, … Read Full Article

25th Aug 2015 / admin / Digital Marketing

Content marketing is an integral part of any business online. It helps to improve your brand visibility and thus generate leads for your business. But, if you are not following the best practices of content marketing, then you have every possibility to end up damaging your brand image. Often you may not have the required … Read Full Article

Capital Numbers conducted a typography design contest on May 23, 2015. The design professionals of the organization took part in the contest with much zeal. The participants could choose from any of the following topics and submit their design: “Never ever design for yourself!” “Design= Problem + People + Goals” “Turning your dream into reality … Read Full Article

12th Jun 2015 / admin / Digital Marketing

Let’s assume that you run your own business. Do you have a Business blog? Great! You don’t? Then it’s the time you should start one immediately. Your business blog serves as a platform to talk a little extra about your products and services. Also about your organization and its people. The achievements and new tie-ups of … Read Full Article

8th Jun 2015 / admin / Infographics

A Logo is the most important identity of your Brand. It becomes synonymous with a brand. If you have a good logo it will help your brand to sell more.