13th Dec 2017 / Capital Numbers / CN News

On Nov 26, Capital Numbers participated in “Run for Education,” a charity fundraising sports event. Like the name implies, the event invited people and organizations to compete in a race, and the proceeds went to further education in underprivileged areas. About eighty people from Capital Numbers participated…and we were excited to receive the “Most Vibrant … Read Full Article

6th Dec 2017 / Capital Numbers / CN News

“The main objective of this initiative is to create a platform to recognise the spirit of entrepreneurship and to felicitate SMEs and Mid-Corporates that have demonstrated exemplary performance in their respective fields. The success stories of such SMEs need to be shared to encourage other enterprises to perform better.” –  Manish Sinha, Managing Director – … Read Full Article

5th Dec 2017 / Capital Numbers / WordPress

Can WordPress support an enterprise-level business? Enterprise organizations usually encompass several different organizations or offices with their own objectives and budgets. Operating on a national or multinational scale, these organizations handle a significant amount of traffic. So they need a scalable, adaptable, and robust web presence. While there are a few exceptions to the rule, … Read Full Article

28th Nov 2017 / Capital Numbers / WordPress

What Changes Have Been Made in WordPress 4.9, and How Can They Help You? Let’s Take a Look: WordPress just rolled out version 4.9, “Tipton.” Clients and developers are both sure to find WP 4.9 a marked improvement over previous versions. There’s a lot to be said about these new changes, and it may take … Read Full Article

20th Sep 2017 / Mukul Gupta / FAQ

Hey, everyone. And thank you very much! Our launch was an overwhelming success. We got a bunch of responses…and more are still coming in. People really, really couldn’t wait to reserve a tester and free up loads of time and productivity. But we also found that people have questions. We heard things like “I’m interested … Read Full Article