3rd Jan 2019 / Capital Numbers / SEO

The skills to get noticed and rank high in search engines are in high demand. This is what makes SEO experts so valuable. They know exactly how to get the attention of search engines and how to engineer their online presence and position themselves for maximum effect. But… You don’t have to be an SEO … Read Full Article

18th Dec 2018 / Capital Numbers / WordPress

Here’s what that means for you in 2019 Between 1440 and 1450, a German entrepreneur named Johannes Gutenberg invented a machine which would come to be known as the printing press. This press made the process of printing so fast, easy, and effective, that it would revolutionize communication worldwide for the next 500 years. In … Read Full Article

12th Dec 2018 / Capital Numbers / Agency

The need for SEO is great… sometimes too great. Lots of clients ask agencies about their SEO capabilities, but the problem is that specialized agencies don’t always have dedicated SEO teams. So they have to turn down potential business because they don’t have the skills. On the other hand, some agencies try to assign SEO … Read Full Article

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