16th Oct 2018 / Capital Numbers / CN News

On Friday, Oct 5, 2018, Capital Numbers Visited the Hope Foundation in Kolkata to Distribute Clothes and Food to Underprivileged Children The Hope Foundation (HOPE) works to ensure the rights of those who live in poor areas of Kolkata, India. These areas are usually subject to extremely poor socio-economic conditions, which lead to ongoing crises … Read Full Article

12th Oct 2018 / Capital Numbers / Agency

Starting a new agency sounds as exciting as it is but it doesn’t come without challenges. Agency is a responsibility where many things need to be considered. The pitfalls need to be looked at so that they don’t become an obstacle to smooth sailing. In this article, we’ll be looking at these ways to ensure … Read Full Article

1st Oct 2018 / Capital Numbers / Web Development

Freelancer are Disguising Themselves as Companies To Boost Their Bottom Line… At Your Expense. Here’s How to Stop It. The internet is great for meeting business partners, networking, and discovering new opportunities… but with all that opportunity comes great risk. One not-so-recent trend is consists of freelance developers pretending to be companies, and taking advantage … Read Full Article

17th Sep 2018 / Capital Numbers / Outsourcing

You might have heard that outsourcing your development is a difficult, painful process. And, like any true entrepreneur or exec, you relish the thought of getting your hands dirty: fighting through obstacles, overcoming challenges, and grinding away at your goal. After all, who could possibly want an easy, painless process, free of setbacks or delays? … Read Full Article

In recent times, there is phenomenal growth in the development of mobile applications. Today, there are more than 3.8 million applications available on Google Play Store. This statistic is enough to display the popularity of the mobile applications. It is not easy for startups to establish themselves in the market. Initially, they have limited resources … Read Full Article

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