13th Mar 2018 / Capital Numbers / Web Development

“Bella” is the First AI-Enabled “Stop Smoking” Coach We just finished a groundbreaking project. By encapsulating a chatbot within an iOS app, we created an AI-based digital coach to help people stop smoking. Named “Bella”, this chatbot helps users break their addiction to cigarettes by simulating human interaction. It uses advanced, microsoft-powered AI to have … Read Full Article

12th Mar 2018 / Capital Numbers / CN Initiatives

We’re honored to work with many talented, driven women who greatly contribute to the success of Capital Numbers. Although it isn’t always easy to be a woman in tech, many of our project managers, tech leads, developer, and HR managers are women…and they are nothing short of inspiring. In honor of International Women’s day, we … Read Full Article

24th Jan 2018 / Capital Numbers / PHP

Why the Necessary Task of Hiring a Developer is Less Complex, and Less Costly, Than You Might Think Why Do I Need This Guide? Can’t I just go on a freelancing site and post a job offer? No. Don’t do that. Hiring a web developer is an exercise in careful selection and trust. In fact, … Read Full Article

13th Dec 2017 / Capital Numbers / CN News

On Nov 26, Capital Numbers participated in “Run for Education,” a charity fundraising sports event. Like the name implies, the event invited people and organizations to compete in a race, and the proceeds went to further education in underprivileged areas. About eighty people from Capital Numbers participated…and we were excited to receive the “Most Vibrant … Read Full Article