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Technology Stack

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  • Laravel icon Laravel
  • NumPy iconBootstrap
  • MySQL icon MySQL
  • SendGrid iconSendGrid
  • AWS iconAWS
Loan Comparison Platform Development

The Client

This is an Artificial Intelligence-led monitoring platform that integrates with multiple project management systems, evaluates hundreds of conversations, and predicts customer grievances (if any) so that business leaders can proactively resolve issues before a crisis hits.

The Challenge

Capital Numbers was required to create this FinTech app end to end. We had to take care of both the frontend and backend development of this project and host it on the requested server.

Our first challenge was to make it easier for people to connect their bank accounts to the app for easy bill payments.

Our primary challenge in creating this tool was to design it to nip customer complaints in the bud.

We wanted this AI platform to help business leaders:

  • Retool their existing project management systems
  • Monitor conversational patterns
  • Identify customers’ sentiments
  • Receive smart alerts for future risks

In short, we had to tackle customer complaints with the best that AI and Machine Learning (ML) have to offer.

So, we tapped into our AI software development expertise to implement this project so that businesses can leverage it to enhance their customer service.

The Solution

To begin with, our tech talents conducted extensive R&D for this machine learning project, mapped out the way from ideation to the release, and selected the best tech stack to follow it through.

Our tech stack included the following:

For the frontend, we used ReactJS because it guarantees the quick rendering of web pages. It makes the pages highly dynamic and responsive to user input. Plus, it comes with a stable code and reusable components that simplify developing high-volume apps.

For the backend, we chose Laravel because of its robust authentication options. Besides, it seamlessly integrates with mail services and prevents cross-site forgery. Moreover, Laravel provides ample support for traffic handling and comes with pre-built functions that help reduce time-to-market.

To enhance the UI, we used Bootstrap. This agile framework has responsive structures, fantastic grid styles, and ready-made coding blocks that contribute to fluid web page layouts. Also, its cross-browser capabilities offer the best possible user experience across platforms.

To add stunning effects to the web pages, we used the jQuery library. Also, its clean and powerful syntax helps web pages load fast.

Since we had to ensure seamless email delivery within the AI-based tool, we leveraged SendGrid. This cloud-based email delivery service offers unparalleled scalability when it comes to email management.

For managing the database, we picked MySQL. Not only does it guarantee full data integrity and round-the-clock uptime, but it also helps organize massive data sets at high speed.

To integrate a highly secure and flexible payment processor, we used Stripe. Apart from simplifying payouts, Stripe supports multi-currency payments while keeping customers’ data safe.

Finally, we hosted the app using AWS. We went ahead with this hosting solution because of its unlimited server capacity. Moreover, AWS offers automatic load balancing and 99.9% availability that help applications run at their peaks, even during high traffic streams.

Features icon


Our carefully-selected tech stack, combined with our practical domain knowledge, helped us create an AI-based platform that evaluates customers’ feedback, identifies risks, reports remedial tasks, and keeps projects moving without escalations.

We contributed in areas like:

Intuitive Dashboard

We designed a clean dashboard that graphically summarizes real-time metrics (e.g., word frequencies, word clouds, customers’ sentiments, etc.) for improved decision-making.

Custom Reports

Our experts included controller elements like the date range for users to derive data between different periods and filter reports for actionable insights.

Seamless Integrations

We integrated this tool with various project management systems to consolidate customer feedback from multiple channels into a centralized platform for better viewing.

Detailed Project Monitoring

We included a section wherein users can add only the essential projects and eliminate the rest, thereby focusing on crucial tasks and saving time.

Powerful Sentiment and Tone Analysis

Our developers incorporated a powerful sentiment and tone analyzer that conducts a project-wise evaluation of specific messages that require immediate attention to prevent churn.

Smart Alert

We added a smart alert that triggers notifications about customers’ dissatisfactions, thereby making it easier for the workforce to deal with them on-time.

100% Data Security and Privacy

Our engineers adhered to the highest security policies so that the AI tool processes data without jeopardizing them while ensuring 100% privacy.

Quick PDF Exports

We implemented PDF exports to help users extract critical business insights in PDF formats and share them with other team members for further analysis.

Flexible Subscriptions

We added flexible subscription models with cost-effective upgrades to ensure recurring revenue streams and better customer relationships.

Intelligent Project Monitoring System

By implementing the above, we created an intelligent project monitoring tool that helps business leaders track potential issues that might otherwise be overlooked.

Using thoughtfully-designed algorithms, we successfully developed this AI tool that:

  • Makes valuable predictions
  • Tracks customer complaint severity
  • Notifies risks before they fall through the cracks
  • Routes complaints to appropriate teams
  • Eliminates siloed information
  • Facilitates process automation
  • Improves customer experience
  • Protects business reputation

Fully-integrated AI Solution

We’re proud of our tech team that has deployed this unique solution to help organizations take their customer complaint management a notch higher.

Businesses can leverage this fully-integrated, next-gen AI tool to get the ball rolling on multiple projects with better insights, faster resolutions, and happier customers.

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