Founded in 2012, we are now an ISO 9001 Certified, Rated by Dun-and-Bradsteet and a Google Partner. Our 250+ strong team is based out of Kolkata in India. The company is debt-free, bootstrapped and led by a capable Management team.

Some of our clients

Capital Numbers are providers of Web, Mobile and SEO Solutions to Start Ups, Small Businesses and to those companies that prefer to keep their technical team small or, sub-contract any overflow work that they cannot handle in-house. In essence we help companies open up the bottle neck in their businesses and achieve results that cannot with just their current staff.

We started in the June of 2012 , in past 2 year we have grown to a team of 250+ full-time professionals working from under the same roof. We got clients across 4 different continents and the experience of working in over 1000 different projects of varying complexity. We engage specialist, smart teams for our clients who immerse themselves in clients business and help them focus more on their business objectives rather than worrying about or doing technical stuff. For all intents and purposes we function as your extended team working from our development center in India.

Thus using our services, Clients enjoy the Cost benefits and Flexibility of hiring through online portals (such as Elance or Odesk) along with the Quality, Reliability and Privacy of working with established consultancies.

Leadership Team

  • Jason Dodd

    Jason Dodd

    Country Head (US)

  • Neil McNulty

    Neil McNulty

    Country Head (Aus)

  • Michael Krause

    Michael Krause

    VP - Customer Success

  • Evie Clerx

    Raja Vasudevan

    Head of Operations (Chennai)

  • Chuck Chiu

    Chuck Chiu

    Account Director - US

  • Mukul Gupta

    Mukul Gupta

    Managing Director

  • Anindya Mukherjee

    Anindya Mukherjee

    Director - Operations

  • Vipul Gupta

    Vipul Gupta

    Director - Finance

  • Subhrajit Das

    Subhrajit Das

    Head - Business Process

  • Pushpal Mazumder

    Pushpal Mazumder

    Solutions Manager - Open Source

  • Souvik Mukherjee

    Souvik Mukherjee

    Head of Digital Marketing

  • Abhijit Sarkar

    Abhijit Sarkar

    Head of Design Services

  • Chinmoyee Roychowdhury

    Chinmoyee Roychowdhury

    HR Manager

  • Shovan Moullick

    Shovan Moullick

    Account Manager

  • Dibakar Dutta

    Dibakar Dutta

    Account Manager

  • Saurabh Dhanuka

    Saurabh Dhanuka

    Account Manager