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Below are some Frequently Asked Questions and their answers that might be helpful for you to make a decision!


    How long will it take you to find me a suitable candidate?

    Since we only assign our in-house staff to work with you are your remote staff, we can offer you resumes for selection within 48 hrs and assign them within one week of signing the contract.


    Why do I need to pay for the trial?

    You need to pay for the trial because we assign our in-house employees to work for you for 2 full weeks and we want to ensure that you are just as committed as we are when it comes to placing a suitable candidate with your company. This amount is then applied toward the 2 week trial period once a candidate has been selected.


    If I hire someone for the 2 week trial and don’t keep them, what happens?

    The 2 week trial period is a non-obligatory trial period. You are not bound to keep someone just because you hired them for the trial period. This 2 weeks is designed so that you can put them to the test and see if the long term potential is there. If you don’t feel that the match-up will be a success then we will assign a replacement for you. No questions asked.


    What if I hire someone, and then 6 months down the road they are not performing to my standards, then what?

    We will be checking in with you at regular intervals to ensure that you are happy with the performance of your remote worker. At any time, if their performance begins to suffer we would ask that you try to resolve the situation just as you would with any other employee. However, if those efforts do not produce the desired results and performance is still lacking, we will replace them. No questions asked.


    Do I have to sign an annual contract? What if I want to fill a shorter-term position?

    We offer various contract options. Please talk to us about your project needs and we will come up with a suitable agreement.


    I’ve never hired a remote worker before, how will I manage them? Keep them motivated? Monitor them?

    There are several tools that give us the ability to create a virtual office. Even allowing for real time face-to-face communication! There are several tools available nowadays to mimic local office presence, many of we use ourselves on a day to day basis. You might even find that utilizing these tools works even better than what you’re doing right now:

    1. We offer free access to TeamWork using which you can simply load tasks and your employee report status on them everyday. You can track how much time was spent completing each task.
    2. Quick, postable screen grabs with notes are easy and quick with jing (techsmith.com/jing.php)
    3. Skype also gives you the ability to talk face-to-face via video call, and don’t forget that ALL. Skype-to-Skype calls are free. Screen sharing is now free if you use join.me (http://join.me/)
    4. Google’s Gmail offers great email functionality, and a built in Instant Messaging. The IM feature allows you to see which of your contacts are online to chat quickly back and forth as needed.

    What kind of support will I get from Capital Numbers?

    We are here for you throughout the entire process, not just the sourcing and selection process. We will be checking in at regular intervals to ensure that things are operating as per your plan, and we will also check in at regular intervals with your remote worker. We take full responsibility for our worker’s presence and performance, and pride ourselves on always staying on top of that. You will always be aware of what is happening. Communication is the key to success.


    What kind of supervision will my Remote Staff have?

    A team leader is appointed who would act as a liaison between you & your remote employees as well as will be involved in each and every communication between you and your remote employee to manage day to day tasks given to the employee/team by you.


    How will I be charged? And how can I pay this bill?

    You will be billed monthly, based on the start date of your worker. You can pay this using PayPal, Wire Transfer or, any major credit card.


    What types of roles are you able to fill?

    We can fill a variety of roles for Web, Mobile and SEO domain.

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