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The Client

This digital curriculum platform contains hundreds of educational resources like textbooks, videos, coursework, etc., to enable remote learning. This feature-rich online tool helps educators manage online classes and assessments on the go. It also allows students to access study materials and take up assignments without being in a traditional classroom setup.

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Capital Numbers’ primary goal was to create a centralized digital space where teachers and learners can come together. We had to set up a secure online platform that the admin, teachers, and students can quickly access with just a few taps.

For this, we had to enable secure, easy logins so that different users can quickly access the platform with only a single sign-on.

Next, we had to compile scattered learning documents into structured, digital-ready resources for optimal reading.

We also had to customize code for playback controls in videos for users to play, pause and jump to following videos without trouble.

The primary aim was to create an education-friendly website that brings the benefits of paperless teaching and learning.

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Before kicking off this project, Capital Numbers conducted thorough research on the best classroom engagement models. We performed feasibility studies. We documented areas that required significant focus. Based on the analysis, we chose the following tech stack:

We chose React.js for the frontend because it simplifies the process of writing components. Moreover, it adds interactivity to layouts which are essential for creating dynamic interfaces.

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We used Node.js because of its scalability, code reusability, and caching advantage. Also, it allows easy testing, which speeds up time-to-market.

For hassle-free code management in the backend, we chose PHP. It comes with powerful libraries crucial for handling large volumes of learning content in the portal.

To efficiently resize the digital images, we chose ImageMagick. This helped us maintain excellent visual quality throughout the website.

Our experts chose the online PDF viewer, FlowPaper, to display all learning materials. This allowed us to convert static PDFs into responsive docs for seamless viewing across screens.

Big datasets often slow down website speed. So, we used Redis to facilitate fast data processing and eliminate load time.

To secure the database, we leveraged PostgreSQL, which is well-known for its data integrity and fault-tolerant environment.

To simplify payment processing, we added Stripe because it is PCI-compliant, enables easy checkouts, and has integrations with major mobile wallets and cards.

Finally, we deployed the website in Liquid Web because its stable servers ensure fast run times and 99.99% uptime.

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Capital Numbers’ skillful execution of the above helped it efficiently roll out the eLearning portal on time. The portal contains a vast repository of online courses and digital curricula.

Right from vision-mapping to release - we took care of everything with utmost care. We heavily modified the code to improve the UX and accessibility.

Capital Numbers’ significant contributions were in the following areas:

Multi-tenant eLearning Portal

We meticulously created a multi-tenant eLearning portal that the host, schools, teachers, and students, can easily access.

Secure Authentication with Google for SSO

We kept the signup process pretty simple. We’ve integrated Google sign-in for hassle-free authentication and also used SSO (single sign on) to let users avail and upload content in third-party apps.

Well-organized Thumbnails

ImageMagick helped us turn PDFs into thumbnails that unfurl the main content upon clicking. This saved space and kept the content more organized.

Responsive PDFs

We also used FlowPaper to convert all static PDFs into reflowable, responsive docs that read well on all devices.

SharedBook Integration

We integrated SharedBook to turn thousands of scattered docs (e.g., eBooks, videos, PDFs, etc.) into beautiful, digital-ready packs.


We also synced digital calendars to help users mark dates for upcoming/past classes, assignments, etc., and prepare themselves accordingly.

Smooth Video Controls

Since it was essential to improve student engagement, we embedded Vimeo videos with resumable controls so that learning becomes fun-filled.

A Digital Classroom

The above elements helped Capital Numbers create a digital classroom that works flawlessly - all behind a secure sign-on. We integrated Google and ClassLink to simplify logins and centralize all student-facing learning materials, as planned.

Paperless Assignment Workflow

This eLearning portal currently helps teachers create, mark, and manage assignments - all in a single space.

Organized Digital Folders

The platform also allows students to store assignments and docs within organized digital folders.

An All-in-one Curriculum Portal

With its seasoned developers onboard, Capital Numbers could work out a complex business logic for this digital curriculum portal that serves as:

  • A hub for schools to deliver online classes
  • Virtual learning space for students
  • An important monetization source for the host
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