19th Nov 2018 / Capital Numbers / CN News

We’re very excited to announce we were recognized and honored for “Brand Leadership” in the state of West Bengal at the CMO Asia Awards 2018. CMO Asia seeks to connect businesses and brands in the Asia region and to develop leadership, community, and excellence across all regions. It includes representatives from many nations, including China, … Read Full Article

9th Nov 2018 / Pushpal Mazumder / PHP

What is a Multivendor Marketplace? In simple terms, a multi-vendor marketplace is an online shopping platform where multiple sellers/vendors come together to sell either same or different products. The relationship between the sellers/vendors and buyers in such a platform is “many-to-many”. This helps the buyers to select from a diverse range of products and plays … Read Full Article

3rd Nov 2018 / Capital Numbers / Web Development

Web development, the terminology has a wide scope. From a simple write-up to a complex web page or complicated website of a business company, everything on the web is developed independently. Wikipedia, definitions, online websites, business application, and social networking applications are all individual sections of web development. The data collected and the database of … Read Full Article

1st Nov 2018 / Capital Numbers / Outsourcing

Everyone knows the advantages of outsourcing development — especially speed and lower costs… But do you also know the hidden disadvantages? Some outsourcing agencies still have problems ensuring quality and streamlining project management. Avoid these, because they could cause delays and complications which destroy any of outsourcing’s main advantages. But on the other hand, outsourcing … Read Full Article

23rd Oct 2018 / Capital Numbers / Agency

Hiring the top 1% talent, managing client expectations, and keeping the sales pipeline full — these concerns probably sound familiar. In addition to these issues, which dominate the concerns of most agencies, the industry is a “red ocean,” a market saturated with competition. If you want to stand out and build a reputation as a … Read Full Article

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